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A Junior Role Model’s Experience at The 2024 Girls Run

Photo of Leena Alsachit by Simon Lee.

My name is Leena Alsachit, a Fast and Female Junior Role Model (formerly Leader in Training) from Calgary, AB, and I will be going into grade 11 later this year. Some of my favourite ways to stay active include working out at the gym and rock climbing. 

A month after attending the 2024 Fast and Female Girls Run, I’m reflecting on my experience, being present, and assisting the participants throughout that weekend. 

Seeing the smiles on the girls’ faces during the run was my favourite part because the impact programs and events like this leave on the girls participating in them is very clear and inspiring.

What Happened Before the Race?

Photo by Simon Lee.

On May 25th and 26th, my sister Baneen (REAL Role Model, RRM) and I headed to the Canmore Nordic Centre. We were relieved and excited to see the beautiful sun and mountains. I met the two other Role Models that I was assisting that day, who arrived filled with energy and beautiful face gems! 

The smiles all around and the excitement of the girls putting on their Fast & Female swag lit up my face and hyped me up for the upcoming run. It was important to me that many of the girls knew what Fast and Female is and understood that we were passionate about empowering girls through sport, physical activity, and education. 

We began the day by sharing our names, where we came from, and what our favourite sports were.The warmup session with all the participants got everyone – including me – feeling pumped and energetic. 

I gave my group a piece of advice for the run: “Pace yourself, don’t give it your all at the beginning, and listen to what your body needs. It’s okay to take a break.” 

Throughout the Run 

We started the run by pacing ourselves until the girls took off, running fast and feeling empowered by the cheering parents and supportive signs along the trail saying “You got this!” and the ringing bells. 

We began the race strong but ultimately finished stronger. Seeing the girls cross the finish line with big smiles on their faces was inspiring. While receiving their ribbons, they really felt empowered by their accomplishments, and I felt great for supporting them through this major event. 


Photo of Leena’s sister, Baneen (REAL Role Model, RRM) with Girls Run participant; photo taken by Sion Lee

After the run, the girls were asked to complete a short, post-run survey. 

When a participant asked me to help her, I asked her about her favourite part of the morning. Her response? She immediately said, “You!” 

This melted my heart and made me realize the weight of responsibility my role as a Junior Role Model has on younger girls. I was truly making a positive impact in the community and carrying out the mission and values Fast and Female set out to promote in their programs and events.

One thing I took away from my experience at the Fast & Female Girls Run 2024 was realizing that a cheer and a simple “You got this” can significantly motivate girls, boosting their confidence and sense of accomplishment. In any capacity, simple encouragement can be minor but holds immense value in inspiring and empowering girls striving towards their goals.

The Fast & Female Girls Run was a mind-shifting event for everyone involved. 

It was a celebration of strength, empowerment, and community, highlighting the importance of encouraging young girls to participate in sports and physical activities. 

The smiles, joy, and camaraderie witnessed at the weekend event emphasized the positive impact these initiatives have on the next generation of women leaders. I can’t wait for next year!

Special thanks to Rocky Mountain Soap Co., for their partnership and continued support of our annual Girls Run and to BMO Canada for joining us as a sponsor this year!

Without the support of our generous sponsors, events like the Girls Run would not be possible. 

Are you interested in learning more about getting involved with Fast and Female? Want to know how you can support next year’s Girls Run or one of our other initiatives? We are always open to discussing areas of support. To inquire, please email us at