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Ali Hunter

Program Coordinator

Sport Background – Alpine Skiing

Favourite sport/ physical activity – Skiing in the winter, mountain biking and swimming and trail running in the summer, circuit training all year long!

Favourite post workout snack- Anything with peanut butter

Favourite pump-up song- AC/DC THUNDERSTRUCK

Role model: Jenn Warren- she is real and honest, a true friend. She’s an amazing mother, she’s kind, generous and always works hard with a positive attitude. Jenn always goes the extra mile for kids she’s working with to set them up for success!

Biggest inspiration: My team mates from the Alberta Ski Team. We spent so many years together competing in the same sport. We have all moved on to do different things, all been through different ups and down and continue to support each other, reach out to each other to help, listen, laugh or
reminisce about our teen years!

Advice for your 12 year old self: Put energy into the things YOU love not the things other people want you to like. Build off of the things you have the most FUN doing first!

How did you first get involved with Fast and Female?

I got involved with Fast and Female through Alpine Ontario. I love giving back to my sport and an
opportunity came up where they were looking for somebody to organize a Champ Chat and luckily they thought of me! I jumped on the chance to work with a group of girls to inspire them to pursue a life in sports! My involvement with Fast and Female progressed from there and now I am really excited to be a core team member as the Program Coordinator supporting Events!

Fast and Female’s mission is to keep girls healthy and active in sports. We do this by introducing self-identified girls ages 8-14 to inspiring athlete role models at non-competitive, fun-filled events all over North America.

© Copyright Fast and Female 2019. All Rights Reserved | Charitable Registration #: 830781613RR0002

© Copyright Fast and Female 2019. All Rights Reserved | Charitable Registration #: 830781613RR0002