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Jesse Wirachowsky


 I joined F&F in the spring of 2019 as their bookkeeper and love being part of an inspiring, strong team of women.

  • Sport Background
    • Played ringette and softball when I was younger and I’m planning to do Spartan this year.
  • Favourite sport/ physical activity
    • Baseball / running & weight training
  • Favourite post workout snack
    • Protein smoothie
  • Favourite pump-up song
    • Any 90s / early 2000s hits

My role models are my closest friends – I believe you are the average of the 5 people you spend your most time with. They have overcome huge obstacles in their lives and I admire them so much for it – they are the strongest women I know.

Advice for your 12 year old self:

Participate, don’t give up and you are enough!

  • @jawirachowsky and JW Bookkeeping / @jwbookkeeping