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Josephine Kwan (she/her)

Vice Chair

Josephine Kwan, is a visionary and self-motivated entrepreneur, the founder of Flow 2 Freedom Apparel has over a decade of diverse business experience in commercial real estate, sales, and marketing, negotiations, acquisitions and dispositions, operations, finance, and management.

Josephine’s passion is to encourage women and girls to participate in sport because she believes in the opportunities and skills that sport provides for the future.  A childhood trauma where she faced period shaming from her high school volleyball coach when she experienced a period leak gave her the motivation to find a way so no other girl would ever have to face the same embarrassment. With Flow 2 Freedom, she is looking to change lives by giving females a peace of mind as well as the confidence especially during the “time of the month” to do anything they want.  The company has developed a new eco-friendly apparel line to support women and girls to be active irrespective of their periods which may have previously impeded their daily life.