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Micaela Widmer (she/her)

Program Coordinator

Micaela was on the Swiss National Skeleton team for 2 years. Before that she
was a part of the Canadian Skeleton program for 5 years. One of the most
important things she has taken away from sports is how much it can help in other
areas of her life. Sport has taught her discipline, determination, the difference
between confidence and arrogance, and how to win and lose gracefully. These
tools have helped her throughout her education and now transitioning into a
career. Micaela is proud to have been a part of 2 strong women’s national teams,
proving that through hard work and determination girls can do anything they

Your favourite sport/ physical activity

When I was competing, it used to be lifting – specifically squats. Now I love a good spin class!

Your favourite post workout snack

Apples and peanut butter or sushi – YUM

Your favourite pump-up song

This for sure changes all of the time, right now I’m loving Kygo’s Higher Love

Who is your role model?

This is super tough! I’ve been really lucky to have a lot of awesome people in my life to look up to.

Advice for your 12-year-old self

ALWAYS be the hardest worker in the room, it will pay off.

How did you first get involved with Fast and Female?

I started with Fast and Female in 2015 as volunteer for a physical literacy session in Olds, Alberta. After that event I signed up as a REAL Role Model and was hooked! I’ve MC’d events, helped coordinate and in the summer of 2020, I got hired to be part of the team.

People would be surprised to learn that
I would rather hike in the winter than in the summer. I take advantage of any opportunity to be in snow pants and I love that the trails are less busy.