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Tracy Grierson (she/her)

Financial Leader

Sport background: I did every school sport, focussing on volleyball and basketball until having kids.  Since then I have taken up running, yoga, and biking.  My early years in sport were supported through the school and in university I played purely recreationally. I loved the team sports!

Favourite sport: I never picked one!  I love them all.

My post workout snack: a bowl of soaked oats with walnuts, blueberries and splash of maple syrup accompanied by a huge glass of cold water.

Favourite pump-up song: It’s so hard to pick just one…right now coming to mind is Can’t Stop the Feeling! by JT

My advice to my 12 year old self: Try everything and be brave. Life is scary and making mistakes along the way is the best way to learn and grow. There are critics everywhere, you need to be your biggest cheerleader, you’re allowed to be confident!!

How did you get involved with Fast and Female: My daughter participated in a Calgary Girls Summit a few years ago so when the job opportunity was brought to me I jumped at the chance.