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Una Lounder

Executive Director
  • Sport Background

Growing up on Lake Banook in Dartmouth, NS, I spent many summers at the canoe clubs there. I loved being on the water and spending time outside with my friends. I paddled for Team Canada for over 10 years in the sport of Sprint Kayak and had the opportunity to race at multiple World Cups, 5 World Championships, and the Pan American Games, where I won a gold medal with three of my teammates. Thanks to my parents for ensuring I was a multi-sport athlete, I also played soccer, ran cross country, swam competitively, and played volleyball through junior high and high school.

  • Favourite sport/ physical activity

Now that I have retired from competitive sport, I love to run outside, walk my dog, stand up paddleboard, hike near the ocean, and I love the energy and fun vibes at spin class.

  • Favourite post workout snack

Too many to pick just one. I am never not snacking.

  • Favourite pump-up song

There’s nothing I love more than a dance warmup! My go-tos are Beyoncé, Pharrell, Robyn, and Taylor Swift.

  • Advice for your 12 year old self:

People might not tell you about some of the hard parts of being an athlete, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel them too. There will be some really tough times in sport, but you’re not alone. You will make lifelong friends, build lasting relationships, and learn a lot about yourself. At the end of the day, you will come out the other side stronger. The journey is so worth it, and you are enough.

  • How did you first get involved with Fast and Female? 

I was invited to a Fast and Female event by a teammate who I really looked up to. We were at a training camp and she was organizing a Fast and Female event at the canoe club. She asked a group of us to come talk to the participants and I was both incredibly intimidated and flattered to have been invited.

During the Q&A, one of the participants asked, “how do you compete against someone who is your friend .. especially when you really want to win?” What a good question! It was something I’d been asking myself that whole training camp. We were in the middle of selections for Worlds and there were more athletes at the camp than there were spots on the team. We were constantly racing with and against each other to earn seats in boats and spots on the team. There was a lot on the line and stress levels were high. One of the more senior athletes took the question and said, “These girls are my family. We train together, eat together, race together, and travel together. Yes, we work hard on the water and we are all here because we want to win and that can be tough sometimes, but I need to know that the people on my team and in my boat want to win. It’s what makes us a stronger team, and I respect that about them. What happens on the water isn’t personal and when we leave here, we leave it on the water.” A lightbulb went off for me. I didn’t know she felt this way. This was something I had never heard anyone on our team say before and it was exactly what we needed to hear more of. I thought, “if this person is sharing this with a group of complete strangers, why hadn’t she said it to our team?” It was then that I understood something special and empowering happens when a group of women and girls get together to celebrate sport, each other, and to have fun without competing. I knew this was the place for me and that I had to get more involved with Fast and Female! 

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Fast and Female’s mission is to keep girls healthy and active in sports. We do this by introducing self-identified girls ages 8-14 to inspiring athlete role models at non-competitive, fun-filled events all over North America.

© Copyright Fast and Female 2019. All Rights Reserved | Charitable Registration #: 830781613RR0002

© Copyright Fast and Female 2019. All Rights Reserved | Charitable Registration #: 830781613RR0002