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What People Are Saying About Fast and Female Events

I want to encourage (and thank) your organization in continuing your work. With my daughter being very limited these last couple of months due to injury, and much physical therapy still ahead of her, she has been watching some of your online videos and reading the articles from your Facebook feed. She has been living vicariously through the athletes featured and is looking forward to getting back out on the snow and training hard. Being the mom of a very active daughter, whom we are striving to raise as a strong and confident young lady, your organization is top notch in showing these young ladies how to be strong and confident in all aspects of their lives.

My daughters absolutely LOVED every aspect of the event. They said it was one of the best days of their lives. Their words, not mine. Thank you for putting on such a great event for them.

I’ve been a big supporter of Fast and Female since I participated in the event at Calgary Olympic Park in 2009. At that point, I had no idea that there were two types of cross-country skiing. Chandra was amazing – she gave me a private skate skiing lesson and cheered me on the whole way. I’m still a pretty bad skate skier, but she really inspired me to keep trying. To this day, I wear my Fast and Female gear with pride. Thank you for that amazing experience and for all you do for girls everywhere.

I did Fast and Female when I was 14, so I got flown out to Canmore because I won a contest. In the first Fast and Female events ever, they were flying two girls from every province to Canmore for this event. That was my first time out West and I got to meet Chandra Crawford, who was a celebrity to me at that point. That was super motivating and I was on a high from that for a really long time. My inspiration from Fast and Female combined with the feeling that I was enjoying skiing the most out of all my sports prompted me to join the local Fondeurs Laurentides nordic team at 15. Two years later, I fully committed to skiing, leaving Quebec to train with Coach Les Parsons in Edmonton, Alberta.

I’m a grade twelve student and an athlete. I love love love cross-country skiing, and I really aspire to succeed in this sport!

Believe it or not, I was actually at the very first Fast and Female Event at Silver Star in 2006. I remember the feeling of being so incredibly inspired by the older female athletes. I got them to sign my shirt, and I honestly didn’t take it off for a month after that! I specifically remember Amanda Ammar telling me that I was a really fast, really fun kid. Funny enough, Amanda is now my teammate and she still tells me things like that. But I was so amazed that somebody that successful, and that amazing, told me that in Silver Star back in 2006. So basically, that’s my goal! I want to tell younger girls that they are amazing too! I want girls to be inspired like I was when I went to all those fast females back in the day.

I really want girls to become more involved in sports like cross-country skiing. I think girls turn away from this sport because it’s so manly and so hardcore! But what they don’t realize is that’s the beauty of it! I really look up to Emily Batty because she shows girls that sports like cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and mountain biking are for girls too! She shows everyone to embrace our femininity and go out there and kick butt! She’s fast and she is so female!

I’m so in love with my sport, and I really want to spread the love to others as well! I cannot even describe what this sport means to me, and the more people involved the better. I have become a better person because of cross-country skiing, there’s no denying it. In my club (Canmore Nordic Ski Club) there are no girls my age who ski. It’s tragic for many reasons. I want to tell young girls they are amazing, I want them to look up to me. This has been my dream for a long time now!

As a parent and helper, I was so impressed with the Fast and Female weekend in Yellowknife. It was so cool to peak in the door and see 50 kids all dancing in step together. In a short time they all learned the dance steps. They were doing it for themselves, not to perform. There was so much chatter in the lodge when the girls were eating lunch and laughter too. The Fast and Female experience has connected the girls who participated in it in a unique way. Years from now I could see them connecting with one of the other females and saying ‘Hey, weren’t you at that first Fast and Female weekend in YK. We had so much fun!’ It was a real memory builder. One of my daughters is really interested in doing yoga now. We haven’t managed to get her into a program for yoga yet. Every once in a while she will do some yoga before bed. Even if it isn’t exactly done right, at this point the important thing for me is her positive attitude to yoga and a desire to do more.

One of the young women who came out to guide a group of FF skiers through the stations is volunteering as an assistant coach with our Track Attack program. I am sure she made the choice to volunteer because she had such fun with the girls at Fast and Female.

I love skiing and I try not to miss an opportunity to promote it and to encourage individuals to give the sport a try. I cannot think of anything more wonderful than the sight from our Yellowknife ski club balcony of 50 girls having a ball going around and around in the stadium on their skis at Fast and female. Also, it was so great to have each of the girls ski the loppet with a group. They really challenged themselves. Many of the girls would not have skied as far if they had skied the loppet with their families. They also might have complained a lot more!

Fast and Female was a wonderful, positive rewarding experience for the girls and for the volunteers.