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What People Are Saying About Fast and Female Events

I just want to thank you for the positive attitudes and great experience we’ve had with everyone we’ve come in contact with that is involved with Fast and Female. Your enthusiasm about what your doing is contagious and I’m thrilled my daughter was able to take part here in Calgary. It really had made a big impact on her and I am very grateful. I will be spreading the word to everyone I know! Keep up the great work!

You could tell the Fast and Female XC Ski dryland event was a total success by the smiles on the faces of the participants! The Ambassadors were very motivational and got the kids to think positively about their future in sports and life in general. I was happy to see such a high quality and well-rounded event for girls. The Fast and Female Organization and Ambassadors were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing it again!

My daughter is a triathlete, swimmer, and short track speed skater. She is a shining example of a girl that is a tough princess who loves beating boys. All the things your organization is promoting are the things I am teaching her, her teammates on our junior TRI team, and other female athletes I coach. Keep up the good work!

I’m a grade twelve student and an athlete. I love love love cross-country skiing, and I really aspire to succeed in this sport!

Believe it or not, I was actually at the very first Fast and Female Event at Silver Star in 2006. I remember the feeling of being so incredibly inspired by the older female athletes. I got them to sign my shirt, and I honestly didn’t take it off for a month after that! I specifically remember Amanda Ammar telling me that I was a really fast, really fun kid. Funny enough, Amanda is now my teammate and she still tells me things like that. But I was so amazed that somebody that successful, and that amazing, told me that in Silver Star back in 2006. So basically, that’s my goal! I want to tell younger girls that they are amazing too! I want girls to be inspired like I was when I went to all those fast females back in the day.

I really want girls to become more involved in sports like cross-country skiing. I think girls turn away from this sport because it’s so manly and so hardcore! But what they don’t realize is that’s the beauty of it! I really look up to Emily Batty because she shows girls that sports like cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and mountain biking are for girls too! She shows everyone to embrace our femininity and go out there and kick butt! She’s fast and she is so female!

I’m so in love with my sport, and I really want to spread the love to others as well! I cannot even describe what this sport means to me, and the more people involved the better. I have become a better person because of cross-country skiing, there’s no denying it. In my club (Canmore Nordic Ski Club) there are no girls my age who ski. It’s tragic for many reasons. I want to tell young girls they are amazing, I want them to look up to me. This has been my dream for a long time now!

Thank you SO MUCH for this event, it was such a huge confidence builder for her. She has been scared and dreading moving up in to the Learn to Train program from Jackrabbits because she didn’t think she was good enough or fast enough – after yesterday, she can’t wait for L2T to start!! The work you and your colleagues are doing is so important, I can’t thank you enough for the confidence it gave my daughter.

We were very happy to represent Canada at the mountain bike World Championship in Norway. Me (Laurie Arsenault) and Marine Lewis matched our helmets and gloves to be really ”fast and female” for this race. You such an inspiration for juniors girls like us. For me, I hope one day to help young ladies to reach they goals like you did. Thanks for the dream!