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Fast and Female Champ Chats

Fast and Female Champ Chats

Girls of all fitness levels age 8-18 are invited to a 3-4 hour event, called a Fast and Female Champ Chat where they will be inspired by Olympians, Paralympians, and elite female athletes to stay active in sports and have fun!

Girls are placed in age appropriate groups with an Ambassador to enjoy high quality face-to-face time with their female role model (approximately 1 ambassador for every 8 girls).

There are three parts to the event:

  1. Circuit of exercises suitable for all backgrounds to develop physical literacy
  2. Inspirational chat with athlete ambassadors
  3. Yoga/Dance party. Blast the music, celebrate and feel awesome

To create an inclusive team atmosphere, each girl receives a Fast and Female t-shirt to match their Ambassador’s t-shirt.

Target Audience

8-18 year olds

# of Participants

30-100 girls

How Do You Want to Be Involved in a Champ Chat?

Community Partner

A club, sport organization, or Fast and Female Ambassador wanting to bring a Champ Chat to their community. Collaborate with Event Coordinator to plan the event.

Presenting Partner

Your company or sport organization will be recognized as the Presenting Partner of a specific Champ Chat by providing a financial contribution.

We’re accepting 2020 Champ Chat requests now!

In 2020 we will be hosting 10 Champ Chats across Canada. We typically require a 3 month planning process, so we encourage everyone to submit their 2020 Champ Chat Request Form as soon as possible.

Our Impact

93% of girls said they felt more confident.

96% of girls feel empowered to be a positive leader within their team.

96% of parents would recommend Fast and Female events to families, friends, and sport organizations in their community.


“Fast and Female has changed my daughter’s life. Their events let her connect with other girls, set goals, and take on challenges – these are skills that will set her up to succeed in life as well as sports.”

– Mother of a Champ Chat participant

“It was so amazing to be able to ask questions to all the ambassadors at the Champ Chat. They were so supportive & shared many stories about their experiences. It has inspired me to train even harder!”

– Champ Chat participant

Champ Chat FAQ

I'm interested in joining the movement to empower girls through sports - What does it take to become a Presenting Partner of a Champ Chat?

We are committed to keeping girls healthy and active in sports through their teens and are delivering Champ Chats on an event-by-event basis that gives each event the opportunity to have its own Presenting Partner. Each Champ Chat will need a Corporate Partner. If you’re interested in taking the next steps to get involved, please fill out the Champ Chat request form.

Are registration fees included in the presenting partnership package?

The partnership package includes up to 100 complimentary registration tickets for participants.

How long does it typically take to get one of these inspiring event in motion? Is there a deadline?

We require 3 months of planning time to ensure that each Champ Chat is as successful as possible. Event planning begins when we process partnership agreements and our standard timeline is that the Champ Chat will take place no less than 3 months after the presenting partner has been confirmed. Our Event Coordinators need that time to get a great venue, work with ambassadors to confirm their schedules, plan an EPIC day of empowering programming and fun, and of course, to promote the event by engaging with various community groups and teams. Our goal is quality. We want to make sure that every Champ Chat is impactful and excellent!

**We’ve been known to hustle extra hard to deliver events in shorter timelines, so if you have a VERY compelling case, we’re all ears**

I love that you have so many inspiring female athlete role models! If I present/host an event, is it guaranteed that an Olympian or Paralympian will attend my event?

Our Ambassadors generously volunteer their time and we are very understanding of their busy training and competition schedules (that’s why they’re so inspirational, right!?!). We are not able to guarantee that an Olympic or Paralympic Ambassador will be available to attend, but if you have an Ambassador in mind that you’d like to engage, we’re happy to try to make that work when we begin planning your event. While we agree that Olympians and Paralympians are SUPER inspirational, we also know that the biggest impact an Ambassador can have is a personal connection with a participant – this is how we change lives. We believe that stories of resilience, goal-setting, overcoming obstacles, and reaching for big dreams are inspirational no matter which Ambassador is telling them!

I'm super pumped about this, but I am based in the USA. Does this apply to Fast and Female USA events?

We LOVE that Fast and Female is across North America in Canada and the USA! This Champ Chat model applies only to Canadian events, but if you’re interested in learning more about Fast and Female in the USA, check out our event listings below.

I love what Fast and Female is doing and want to get involved, how can I do that without putting on a Champ Chat?

Thanks for your interest! There are SO many ways to join the movement and get involved with Fast and Female.

  • Sign up for our newsletter at
  • Donate via our website
  • Learn everything you can about the barriers facing women and girls in sports.
  • Follow Fast and Female on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Post #fastandfemale
  • Go to women’s sporting events and stream them online.

Upcoming Champ Chats - Canada

Upcoming Champ Chats - USA