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Fast and Female Summit

The Fast and Female Summit is the ultimate full-day conference for girls (8-18 years), parents, and coaches involved in sports. There will be sessions focused on sport, peer connections, and empowerment, all with mentorship from fitness leaders in the community as well as Fast and Female Ambassadors.

  • Inspirational Chat with Olympic and elite athlete ambassadors
  • Circuit of exercises to develop physical literacy (suitable for all backgrounds)
  • Leadership and team-building activities
  • Sports psychology presentations
  • Fun and social activity (dance/craft/yoga – depending on age group)
  • Autograph signing

Our goal is to eventually offer at least one Summit in each Canadian province per year. To get involved in the planning of a Summit, connect with us at

Target Audience
  • 8-18 year olds
  • Parents & Coaches
# of Participants
  • 400+ girls
  • 100+ parents & coaches
Registration Fee
  • $65 per participant

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