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Camps, practices and competitions may be cancelled this summer, but community, confidence, role models, sport, and physical activity aren’t!


We’re aiming for a collective 1500km for 15 years of Fast and Female! Think we can do it together?

Teamwork makes the dream work so let’s come together as one big team to keep Girls in the Game and to remind them, Girl, You Got THIS!

Missing sport and physical activity? Looking for a way to connect with role models? Need some motivation to set a goal and go for it? Want to support a girl in your life? Looking for a fun family activity?

Always wanted to join the Fast and Female movement? Now is your chance!


July 18 – 26


Anywhere you are!



Registration is open to people of all ages, ability levels, gender and location. We encourage girls, parents, coaches, families, supporters, and role models to participate! Set a goal and go for it, practice teamwork with your family, or do it for a girl in your life to support her and say “Girl, You Got This!”.

  • RWW – Register and commit to 1km, 3km, 5km, 10km, or set your own goal – it’s all about participation! During July 18 – 26, download your bib, and run, walk, or wheel your distance whenever and wherever you can, then let us know when you’ve completed it! We’ll be setting up a tracker to see how our F&F team is doing and celebrating the milestones along the way. This is non-competitive, so we aren’t worried about your time .. we just want to know if you hit your goals and had fun!
  • ONLINE COMMUNITY – Our Run | Walk | Wheel also includes interactive elements, including connection to REAL Role Models and their inspiring stories, a downloadable bib, empowering activities and more. When you register for the STRONGER TOGETHER, EMPOWERED FOR LIFE, and WHO RUN THE WORLD tickets, you’ll join our GYGT online Facebook community. We’ll have a live kick off event, closing event, and tons of interaction and fun in between (think: panels, physical activity, Q&A, yoga, discussions, and more – all delivered by REAL Role Models). This community and content will be designed for girls ages 8-16 and will focus on themes like confidence, health, social belonging, sport, leadership, resilience, etc.




  • Printable bib
  • Printable poster
  • E-mails from our R.E.A.L. Role Models
  • Access to our Kick-Off Event Recording
  • Access to our Wrap-Up Event Recording



  • Girl You Got This Sticker *
  • Finisher Ribbon
  • Access to online community (GYGT Facebook Group)
  • Live Kick-Off Event, Live Wrap-Up Event



  • Fast and Female T-shirt
  • Girl You Got This Sticker *
  • Finisher Ribbon
  • Access to online community (GYGT Facebook Group)
  • Live Kick-Off Event, Live Wrap-Up Event



  • Fast and Female T-shirt
  • L.L. Bean x F&F Hat
  • Fast and Female bammie
  • Girl You Got This Sticker *
  • Finisher Ribbon
  • Access to online community (GYGT Facebook Group), Live Kick-Off and Live Wrap-Up Event


*Items will be shipped to registrants. Canada-wide shipping only. Sizes and colours are not guaranteed. No refunds or exchanges of merchandise will be offered. Tickets must be purchased by July 1st to guarantee shipment to arrive prior to the start of the event.


More REAL Role Models will be added as they confirm 🙂


Virtual R|W|W FAQ

How does a virtual run|walk|wheel work?

Good question! You can run, walk, or wheel from any location you choose –  the sidewalk, on the trail, on the treadmill, in your backyard, wherever works for you! Simply select a registration option that works for your goals and budget, pick a distance, and complete the registration. During July 18 – 26, print off your bib, and get ready to crush goals! You will run|walk|wheel your distance at your own pace, and let us know when you’ve completed it so we can celebrate together and track our teamwork kms! We’ll send out LOTS of information and encouragement before, during, and after.

How do I measure my distance? What if I don’t have a GPS?

If you have a smart, wearable watch, use that to measure your distance. If you don’t try one of these options:

1 – Plan your route ahead of time using Google Maps or How Far Did I Run. It’ll measure the distance for you!

2 – Estimate! We’re all about participation, so try using telephone poles in your neighbourhood. Most telephone poles are 38m apart. If you cover the length of 26 telephone poles, you’re almost at 1km! 

Do I have to participate every day of the event?

No. You do not have to run, walk, or wheel every day. The virtual event spans 2 weekends to give everyone the best possible chance to work it into their schedules. As long as you complete your distance and let us know about it between July 18 – 26, you’ll be added to the team total. If you select a ticket option that gives access to the GYGT online Facebook community, you’ll be able to pop into the group any time you like. There will be a combination of live and recorded activities and sessions, but they can be accessed on your own time!

How will it be tracked, where do I put in my time, and how will I see it?

This is a non-competitive event, so we’re not too worried about your time. It’s all about getting active, connecting as a community, and showing the girls, they GOT THIS! During July 18 – 26, we’ll start tracking kms as participants complete their distances (we’ll set up a place where you can share your final distance and rad day-of photos too). We’ll keep everyone updated on how we’re doing as a team and if we’ll hit our goal of 1500km!

Is this just for girls? Can other people in my life/family join me (dad, brother, bff, grandmother, etc.)

This virtual event is for EVERYONE! Registration is open to individuals of all ages, ability levels, gender and geographic location. We’d love to see any and everyone get involved. If you’re a girl aged 8 -16, our online community and giveaways will be geared toward you, but registration and participation is open to everyone. We’d love to see everyone in the community out supporting girls in sports! Run for a girl in your life to show her, YOU GOT THIS

Do I have to fundraise for this event?

This virtual run|walk|wheel has a free registration option for all participants and fundraising is not mandatory. If you are able to support Fast and Female programming, we suggest a donation of $10-15 for free registrations (you can donate here). If you’re interested in raising awareness and fundraising for Fast and Female, we suggest setting up your very own Giving Group, setting a fundraising goal and going for it! Click here for info on how to set that up.

Can I participate if I’m not in Canada?

YES! Anyone can participate by registering. However, we are unable to ship items outside of Canada so we suggest choosing a ticket option that does not have shipped items.

What if COVID-19 restrictions in my area prevent me from going outside?

Not to worry. We’re all about safety first and following the rules that are in place to keep us all safe. We’re stronger together, even if we’re apart! We’ll make sure to have some alternative activities that you can do from your own home to make up the kms!

Do I have to have a social media account to follow this?

No. We will send information emails to the account you use to register. However, our online community that is included in some ticket types will be on Facebook only. Most of our R.E.A.L Role Model connections will take place on Facebook and other social media platforms, so we suggest checking in and following along.

Can I pick which colour t-shirt/hat will I get?

Unfortunately, no. We are a very small but mighty team and do not have capacity to manage requests for specific colours. The great news is that ALL of the shirts and hats are fantastic, so it’ll be a fun surprise when the mail arrives 🙂