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We’re Hiring! Social Media Intern


  • Fast and Female is a Canadian charity on a mission to keep self-identified girls aged 8-14 healthy and active in sports. Founded in 2005 by Olympic gold medalist Chandra Crawford, Fast and Female believe in the power of positive sport experiences and role models to give girls leadership, teamwork, and resiliency skills.
  • In our endeavour to foster lasting involvement in sports, we host national and local events and programs in collaboration with community partners and like-minded individuals. Fast and Female provides opportunities for powerful connection with REAL (Relatable, Empowered, Active Leaders) Role Models from within the girls’ communities.


  • Harnessing the power of sports and role models to forge a new generation of women leaders.


  • Keep self-identified girls healthy and active in sports.


  • Fast and Female was created in 2005 to tackle the inequalities and systemic barriers for girls and women in sports; however, we are also aware of how these inequalities reach far beyond sports culture and how they affect racialized and marginalized populations more than others.
  • We recognize that Fast and Female’s values of Inclusion and Social Change cannot be fully realized until we address these injustices and oppression and make meaningful change.
  • We are committed to hiring staff and contractors who, in addition to possessing the desirable experience, values and skill sets, contribute to meaningful and intersectional representation among our team.


  • Social Media Intern
  • Reports to Communications Manager


$20/hour for 10 hours a week


  • Boost our online presence, and manage our social media platforms
  • Assist in the management and implementation of our quarterly editorial calendar
  • Own the responsibility for upgrading our social media strategy including tone, voice, the purpose of each channel, frequency etc



Editorial Calendar Management

  • In collaboration with the Communications Manager, you will learn to design and execute on a monthly editorial calendar. This will include identifying key awareness dates and social media holidays, managing the content repository and rolling out brand messaging and promotions on various platforms including Instagram, Linked In, Youtube etc.

Content Curation and Creation

  • Content is Queen! You have your eye on the latest social media trends, learning which tools to monitor and make recommendations on how Fast and Female should create content and digital events that are of high value to our online audiences. That could mean blogs, that could mean Twitter chats, that could mean webinars, that could mean a podcast. Sometimes this does mean throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. We’re looking to add as much value to our audience as we can but don’t want to limit the creativity of our next teammate. Try new things, look at the analytics and let the results drive the strategy.

Social Media Engagement

  • You will be engaging with our target audiences online, including donors, athletes, parents/guardians/coaches of young girls in sports. That could mean via Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Clubhouse, etc. Question for us on Twitter? You’re able to respond in a timely manner. We’ve been tagged in a throwback photo on Instagram? You share a thoughtful comment that matches our organization’s tone of voice and encourages them to keep engaging.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Each social media platform has its own analytics dashboard and insights. You will learn how to keep track of key metrics, identify what this data is telling us about our online audience’s behaviour and interests, and constantly suggest updates to our social media and content strategy based on these insights. In collaboration with the Communications Manager, we will develop monthly analytics presentations, summarizing the performance for the month, learnings and next steps. You will also learn the inner workings of Google Analytics,  ultimately work towards a certification and being proficient in Google Analytics and Google Ads (if this is of interest to you). 

Community Management

  • Act as a liaison between our digital community members and the internal team, you will listen to what is going on in the Canadian sports world in relation to girls and women in sports. That means immersing yourself in all things women’s-sports. That means identifying people of interest and influence in the sports world, and researching and learning what they care about.



  • Working with Fast and Female is a great opportunity to not only gain fundamental digital marketing and social media skills but also the chance to join forces with a team of women on a mission for social change and empowerment for self-identified girls. Though our core team is small, it is surely mighty, having garnered over 700 REAL Role models in our network, over 10,00 Instagram followers, over 10,000 Facebook fans, and over 13,000 email subscribers. You’ll have a chance to build new skills, make mistakes, try new things and have fun, with a team that encourages creativity and individuality. 
  • With the goal of building a professional social media and content marketing portfolio, you will receive direct supervision and mentorship from our Communications Manager, with international marketing experience. This internship will provide guided learning in digital and social media marketing. Get the ground-level training needed to ultimately work towards certification and being proficient in Google Analytics, editorial calendar management, and social media strategy by the end of your internship.
  • Learn to create reports and analyze data to discover potential opportunities to improve campaigns. Understand key digital marketing concepts and KPIs. Receive a professional reference upon successful completion of the internship.



  • In-depth researcher with your finger on the social media pulse
  • Social media socialite who loves engaging online
  • Interest in content marketing and digital marketing
  • Passion for keeping girls healthy and active in sports an asset


  • Open to learning new skills and running with them!
  • You do NOT need to be a student. The internship is open to anyone who is interested in taking their first step into Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Self-directed schedule with the ability to meet via Zoom weekly


  • Personal computer and internet access


  • Ability to work up to 10 hours per week – flexible hours set by you


  • Location: Remote, work from anywhere