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Girl Guides fosters empowerment in every girl by providing a space for self-discovery and the pursuit of her aspirations. Within Guiding, girls aged 5-17 gather with peers in a secure and inclusive environment to explore their interests. From engaging in innovative STEM endeavors to embarking on outdoor adventures and discussing topics like mental health and healthy relationships, girls in Guiding have the flexibility to tailor their experiences to their preferences. GGC encourages girls to assume leadership roles, implement their ideas, and participate in exciting activities, all under the guidance of dedicated leaders committed to enriching their lives. Guiding is dedicated to supporting girls as they confront challenges and seize every opportunity that comes their way.


Throughout the month, girls, units, and adult members will engage in activities aimed at tracking their kilometers, completing enjoyable challenges, and understanding the significance of physical activity and enjoyment. Our collective objective is to reach a milestone of 30,519 kilometers, with contributions from both girl and adult members of Girl Guides. This figure is symbolic of the 30,519 members within Girl Guides in Ontario and Nunavut. Participants will receive bi-weekly challenges to sustain their engagement and collaboration in the “Moving Together” initiative over the upcoming six weeks!

But wait.. there’s more! Be sure to Save the Date for our April 13th Launch Party via Facebook Live – stay tuned for more exciting details to come. And the sooner you register, the more likely you are to be a part of the first 1000 registrants who will be receiving a FREE branded bammie with their registration! Plus, the unit that collects the most kilometers by May 25th will be crowned the champions and announced at Girl Jam 2024!


Last updated: May 20, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fast and Female?

Fast and Female is a nationwide charity on a mission to empower girls through sport, physical activity and education! Using our evidence-based curriculum, developed by industry leaders, we aim to build the confidence and leadership skills of girls ages 8-18 through our events and programs. We believe in the power of REAL (relatable, empowered, active leaders) Role Models for our participants and aim to create girl-centred, girl-focused opportunities for our participants to connect with incredible women Role Models that are passionate about sport and physical activity.

Who can participate in the Great Guiding Trek?

The Great Guiding Trek is open to all Girl Guide members, in Ontario and Nunavut. For registration, you must have a valid iMIS number to participate. Registration is closed on April 27th, 2024.

Where can I track my kilometres?

Click the “Track your kilometres” button above and fill out the form to submit your kilometres. See progress above with the Kilometer Super Girl.

What is the digital kit?

This is the main resource for this program. We will provide activities, tips and tricks on ways to collect the km, provide a fun active passport, and will be sharing bi-weekly physical activity videos for you to follow and hear from our Role Models to encourage you along your active journey.

What is the Active Bib in the digital kit?

Just like an organized run, we wanted everyone to be able to wear a bib while tracking their kilometres throughout the next 6-weeks.

To use the bib:

  • Print out the bib (offered in black and white, and colour options and available in English and French)
  • On the line, write your favourite number and fill in the blanks
  • Put safety pins in the corners of the page and then attach it to your shirt
  • Take a photo of you wearing your bib and send it to or tag @fastandfemale and @girlguidesonnv on social media!

What is the newsletter? Who will receive it?

We will send an email newsletter weekly to update you on the progress. The newsletter will be sent to the person who registered. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder.

What is the Launch Party?

On April 13, join us live on the Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council Facebook page and hear from our role models and get inspired to be active throughout the program!

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