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We Break Barriers

We Break Ceilings

We Break Limits

We Break Barriers

We Break Ceilings

We Break Limits

We deliver empowering programming to give ALL girls the role models and skills they need to succeed in sports and life.

Fast and Female has changed my daughter’s life. The events let her connect with other girls, set goals, and take on challenges.

– Whitney Smithers, mom of Tinisha

Empowering Girls Through Sport

By age 14, girls drop out of sport at twice the rate of boys the same age (Women’s Sport Foundation, 2008).  Fast and Female exists to change this statistic.  The villain in this story is the restricted potential of girls. The heroes are the girls themselves as they learn from role models about the power of sport participation to make them more resilient and confident women.

Fast and Female’s mission is to keep girls healthy and active in sports because it sets them up to succeed and lead in life beyond sports.  We are driven to fulfill our mission because aside from the obvious benefits of physical health and wellness, we know that sports help young women develop the confidence, leadership and teamwork skills that are essential for success in later life.

Founded in 2005, Fast and Female is a registered charity led by two friends, athletic rivals, and moms who happen to be Olympic gold medalists in cross-country skiing: Canadian Chandra Crawford and American Kikkan Randall.

Our Events

Fast and Female hosts non-competitive, fun-filled event types throughout Canada and the United States that introduce self-identified girls aged 8-14 to inspiring athlete role models. The experience is designed so that girls emerge empowered to lay their claim to the powerful leadership and life skills that sport participation provides.

All of our events are made possible by local funding partners or national sponsors who commit to a series.

We Need Your Support

As a registered charity, we are proud of what we have accomplished and we want to continue our work empowering ALL girls for life! Big or small, your donation will enable us to continue hosting empowering events for girls, setting them up to lead and succeed in life.

For every $100 donated in 2019, we estimate $77 will go directly to our lean, mean programming machine that creates experiences for girls! We will also invest $11 into our fundraising work and $12 will enable us to do the administrative work (including a financial audit) that keeps the organization running.

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Our R.E.A.L. Ambassadors

Fast and Female events present the chance for girls to interact with and be inspired by our athlete Ambassadors. These self-identified women are Relatable, Empowered, Athlete Leaders. Made up of over 700 Olympians, Paralympians, elite athletes and sport experts, our Ambassadors are role models and one of the reasons this organization continues to thrive and expand.

Today’s participants are tomorrow’s Ambassadors!

Kaillie Humphries
Erica Wiebe
Khamica Bingham
Natalie Spooner
Tammy Cunnington
Waneek Horn-Miller

Research by Ernst & Young and espnW found that 94 percent of women who hold C-suite level positions are former athletes. There is an irrefutable correlation between athletics and leadership!

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with companies that share our values. They play a vital role in empowering girls through sports and they get the chance to share their brand story within the moments of connection experienced at our events.

How Your Donations Help

How Your Donations Help

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