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Youth Advisory Council

Supported through funding from the Doc Seaman Amateur Sports Grant, Fast and Female’s first ever Youth Advisory Council (YAC) was established in the Fall of 2021. This permanent advisory committee works alongside the core team to guide initiatives; For the Girls, By the Girls. The council meets virtually via zoom, across all Canadian time zones, monthly to talk and brainstorm about the development and delivery of F&F’s programming. From sport, health and physical activity to life experiences and community specific initiatives, these young leaders all bring their own personal drive to meetings.

Recruitment is open for our YAC program once yearly (July/August) or on an as needed basis. Our waitlist is open year-round. Send an email to our YAC Program Coordinator, Siobhan at if you’re interested in joining the waitlist. 

Registration Process

Inclusion Criteria

Are you a self-identifying young woman aged 17-20?

Are you someone who loves to move your body regularly?

Do you have a passion for empowering girls through sport, physical activity, and/or education?

If you answered YES to any of these criteria, then we want to hear from you!

Deadline: August 8th, 2024

Who: Self-identified girls aged 17-20

Program Contact: Siobhan Rourke

Commitment: 3-10 hours per month, virtual (depends on position)

Available Roles

The YAC has developed different roles that you can apply for. These roles are designed to support the growth and learning of the youth involved in Fast and Female. Interested applicants can apply directly for an executive position (all roles labelled with an E) or as a general member. Once onboarded, general members are able to apply internally for an executive position should it be open past the yearly deadline. 

These members have the opportunity to be involved in meetings, discussions, events, and campaigns. They act as representatives for their provinces/communities, aiming to help support bringing programming and initiatives to their local sport and exercise communities. This is a foundational role with a minimum of 2-3 hours of work per month.

Chairs (2)(E): These members (Operations Chair and Community Chaire) are in a key leadership role centred around coordinating council endeavours; namely leading monthly YAC meetings and discussions while delegating action items, advocating for the presence of the youth voice in meetings with the F&F Staff Team, BODs, as well as the rest of the F&F community, assisting in engaging council members through Slack communications via DM and channel messages, and working closely with the whole F&F staff team (reports to: YAC Program Coordinator and Programs Manager). Interested individuals must be a general member on the YAC for a minimum of one calendar year before applying for this position. 

Council Secretary (1)(E): A member who is in a key leadership role, overseeing the council’s administrative tasks; responsible for monitoring the Youth Advisory Council’s email and maintaining contact on their behalf, notifying members of tasks via Slack. Responsible for preparing and recording meeting materials, ensuring documents are appropriately stored via Google Drive and updating Slack channel with key takeaways from meetings. Works closely with the whole F&F staff team, while reporting to the YAC Program Coordinator and Programs Manager. Interested individuals must be a general member on the YAC for a minimum of six months before applying for this position. 

Fund Development Officer (1)(E): A member who works collaboratively with other executive members to further develop the Youth Advisory Council’s projects and opportunities for youth; their role is two-fold, 1) responsible for assisting in tracking the council’s budget, writing financial proposals and compiling an ongoing list of potential grant opportunities for YAC and 2) connects with the community and F&F’s partners through outreach, grant and donor opportunities. Works closely with the Fund Development Manager and reports to the Youth Program Coordinator, while ensuring council members are involved and aware of potential Fund Development opportunities, campaigns and initiatives via Slack communications. Interested individuals must be a general member on the YAC for a minimum of six months before applying for this position. 

Communications & Social Media Liaison (1)(E): A member who aides in boosting the Youth Advisory Council members’ presence via F&F’s social media accounts while advocating for the youth voice and audience; responsible for assisting in the creation of new social media campaigns, maintaining existing ones and communicating social media opportunities to council members via Slack. Also responsible for researching and retrieving relevant content regarding current trends/ topics in the media and how it can be used to engage the F&F social media audience. Works closely with the Comms & Social Media Manager and reports to the Youth Program Coordinator. Interested individuals must be a general member on the YAC for a minimum of six months before applying for this position. 

Programs & Events Liaisons (1)(E): A member who works jointly with the F&F Programs Team and the Youth Advisory Council, creating opportunities for council members to be involved in F&F programming. Responsible for leading discussions on developing the council’s projects and opportunities for youth through F&F’s events and programs, assists in the development of other F&F program offerings, communicates upcoming Event and Program opportunities via Slack. Responsible for assisting in the planning and development of F&F’s youth portfolio, the Youth Network and bi-yearly YAC/YN socials. Works closely with the Programs Team and reports to the Youth Program Coordinator.Interested individuals must be a general member on the YAC for a minimum of six months before applying for this position. 

Life Cycle

Our goal of the Youth Advisory Council is to build leadership skills for participants to take in to their future, and to continue helping Fast and Female empower girls with sport and physical activity by transitioning to the REAL Role Model program.

For many girls, sport participation is often the first step to gaining leadership skills which can be carried into adulthood. Unfortunately, many will not gain these valuable life skills, due to the fact that three girls dropout of sport for every one boy that does (Canadian Women & Sport, 2020). If this difference didn’t exist, there would be 85,000 more teenage girls involved in sports and, by extension, 85,000 future leaders; we’re on a mission to change this.

The skills youth will have opportunities to develop include: 

  • Public speaking
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Program development

YAC is also looking to expand Fast & Female’s Youth Network (YN) soon and will be opening up their upcoming social events to other self-identifying girls ages 14-20. 

Interested in getting involved with YAC or the YN? Have ideas on how we can provide better programming to youth? Contact us @

Help us have an impact on young women across the country! Our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members are a big part of what we do and they deserve the best. Connect with our Fund Development Manager, Jen Piasecki at to learn about sponsorship opportunities for the YAC.