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Silver Gummy Program

Removing Barriers To Keep Self-Identified Girls In Sport

What is the Removing Barriers Program?

Fast and Female Supporting Women in Sport Foundation partners with Canadian Women & Sport to create joint programming that will engage and retain more self-identified girls in safe, welcoming, and inclusive sport experiences. Using an intersectional framework, the two organizations develop and deliver programming that aims to create the conditions that retain girls in sport. Programming addresses gender-based violence in two key ways:

  1. Within sport: Girls and their sport leaders will be provided with information and resources that enhance their understanding of gender-based violence in sport and how to prevent and address it;
  2. Through sport: Girls and their sport leaders will be provided with an experience and training that improves the retention of girls in sport throughout adolescence. This enables girls to access the benefits of sport—confidence, self-esteem, sense of social belonging and resilience—which enhance their life-long well-being and act as protective factors against gender-based violence.

The program takes place over 3 years, delivering the program to new communities each year. The program is funded by the Silver Gummy Foundation.

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What is Silver Gummy?

Silver Gummy’s mission is to reduce sexual and domestic violence through intersectional feminist education. Harmful notions of masculinity and femininity are largely formulated in childhood. With this in mind, Silver Gummy focuses on youth whose outlook on gender is still developing. We hope to cultivate self esteem, a respect for all genders and an understanding of how to maintain healthy relationships.

50% of girls are not participating in sport by the time they reach adolescents

Program Goals

To educate girls about the value of sport and how to create a safe and
inclusive sport environment free from violence (e.g. bullying, bystander
empowerment, peer support).

To educate sport leaders, building their knowledge, motivation
and competence for creating girl-centred sport experiences and
environments that are safe, welcoming and inclusive meeting girls’
needs and interests.

To provide access to girl-centered sport experiences to retain girls in

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