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The Future is NOW!

As the year comes to an end we need your help to make sure Fast and Female can continue to keep self-identified girls healthy and active in sport in 2023 and beyond!


If you’re looking to maximize your 2022 tax return and support a charity that works to create change for self-identified girls across Canada, consider donating today.


82% of youth report not having anyone they feel they can talk to about experiences with racism or discrimination in sport. This includes Black and Indigenous women and girls, and increases among Latinx women and girls (89%).

Change the Game 2.0 Research, MLSE Foundation 2022

For many girls, sport participation is often the first step to gaining leadership skills which can be carried into adulthood. Unfortunately, many will not gain these valuable life skills, due to the fact that three girls dropout of sport for every one boy that does (Canadian Women & Sport, 2020). If this difference didn’t exist, there would be 85,000 more teenage girls involved in sports and, by extension, 85,000 future leaders; we’re on a mission to change this. For every dollar raised, Fast and Female Supporting Women in Sport Foundation is able to expand our message by connecting with more girls from across the country and to help foster the leaders of tomorrow. 

Since Fast and Female’s inception in 2005, we’ve engaged over 21,000 self-identified girls from across the country, connecting them with over 2600 relatable, empowering, active leaders from within their communities, thanks to the support from donors and funders, who believe in the power of girls in sport. In order to continue to promote, support and provide spaces for self-identified girls to participate in sport and physical activities, connect with role models and learn tangible, transferable life skills, we ask for your help. As the year comes to an end, consider donating to Fast and Female Supporting Women in Sport Foundation by showing your commitment to supporting the next generation of leaders through sport, today.  

Fast and Female Supporting Women in Sport Foundation aims to be as transparent with our community as possible moving forward. To do that, we are sharing our key priorities on where your donation will go:

  • Expand access to free and low-cost sport opportunities, with priority on creating a sense of belonging through empowering and impactful programs, teaching life skill transference through sport. This includes running free events and/or offering fully subsidized tickets to participants for all of our events and programs
  • Create brave, representational and accessible programs for self-identified girls from across Canada, by acknowledging the various barriers that youth from different communities face. Access is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and we are dedicated to creating spaces for all to prosper. This means continuing to develop and deliver events and programs through an intersectional lens, in collaboration with like-minded partners and organizations that represent and/or are from equity-deserving communities.
  • Connect more self-identified girls with REAL (relatable, empowered, active leaders) Role Models from within their communities. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it, and we aim to continue to evolve a network of diverse role models to mentor and shape the leaders of tomorrow. This includes revamping our Role Model program, implementing core training for all our Role Models, and launching a recruitment campaign to increase representation of Role Models from equity-deserving communities.


“Sport can catalyze and sustain community belonging among youth.” 

-MLSE Foundation, Change the Game 2.0: Change the Culture, Change the Game, (October 2022).

We are featuring some of our Youth Advisory Council Members and the experiences they have had within sport, and opportunities they have had with Fast and Female. Our Youth Advisory Council is all about programming FOR THE GIRLS, BY THE GIRLS! Click below to hear from some of our youth members.

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