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2023 Dr. Sandip Lalli Legacy Summit

Dr. Sandip Lalli Legacy Summit


Thanks to the support of friends, family, and colleagues, the first-ever Dr. Sandip Lalli Legacy Summit will be hosted on October 22, 2023 in Okotoks, AB. Empowered by Fast and Female and Canadian Women & Sport, alongside an incredible group of volunteers, the Legacy Summit will bring together close to 100 young women athletes aged 10 – 14 for a day of empowerment through sport.


Who is Dr. Sandip Lalli?

Dr. Sandip Lalli was a strong advocate for girls and women in sports. The former Chair of Canadian Women & Sport‘s Board of Directors, and the former CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Lalli was a role model and trail blazer for all. Read more about her story through our latest blog post.

What is the Dr. Sandip Lalli Legacy Summit?

The Dr. Sandip Lalli Legacy Summit is a one-day event taking place in Okotoks, AB on October 22, 2023. The Summit will be hosted at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. We thank them for their support.

The Legacy Summit will engage a maximum of 100 young women athletes from Okotoks and surrounding area. All participants will have access to a 4-hour program which includes:

  • A swag bag with a Fast and Female t-shirt and sticker, alongside other donated goodies from like-minded organizations, including Canadian Women and Sport
  • 3 empowering workshops, including one led by the Fast and Female team and two led by professional hockey players, who are members of the PWHPA
  • 2 group movement activities
  • An empowering keynote, delivered by Gisele Kreuger, founder of The Winner Will

How can I get involved in the Legacy Summit?

Any volunteer opportunities or additional participant tickets will be shared through Eventbrite, via the link below! You an also email us at

Dr. Sandip Lalli Legacy Summit Goals

To provide a brave, inclusive and welcoming space young women athletes to network and continue to be empowered through sports.

To honour the legacy of Dr. Sandip Lalli’s passion and advocacy for girls and women in sports.

Support Fast and Female’s mission of empowering girls through sport and physical activity!