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Fast and Female Power Hour

What is a Fast and Female Power Hour?

Power Hours are 1-2 hour fun-filled, non-competitive events for girls that connect participants with inspiring REAL (Relatable, Empowering, Active Leaders) Role Models from their community and equip them with empowering skills for sports and life. There are four parts to the event:

  1. Introduction to Role Models and F&F’s Mission, Vision, and goals for the day
  2. Group Physical Activity
  3. Empowering Power Hour workshop
  4. Inspiring Chat and Q&A with Role Models

Target Audience

8-18 year olds with curriculum developed for each age range.



REAL Role Models

1-10 (We keep a 1:10 ratio of REAL Role Models to participants)

Starting Cost

~$35 per girl*

*If the cost or budget is a concern, Fast and Female will be happy to discuss the details of the budget as well as pose opportunities for modifications

A Power Hour Is For Your Girls If:

  • You/your organization want to foster a FUN sport environment that promotes social belonging, mind-body health, and role models.
  • Empowering curriculum, confidence-boosting tools, leadership skills and team-building activities are what you’re looking for.
  • You/your organization see the value in girls meeting and connecting with inspiring role models in a casual and impactful setting.
  • Team-building is what you’re looking for. Your team wants an extra boost of inspiration and mental/emotional skills to help raise your game or get your team working together. Power Hours are a great option for after practice, during a tournament, or to kick off/end an awesome season.
  • You/your organization are looking for a shorter, more workshop-focused alternative to our 3-4 hour Champ Chat events.

Virtual Power Hours

We understand the limitations of an event on participants ability to get the benefits of a Power Hour. We have adapted the Power Hour to be delivered over Zoom to give you and your organization more options and to reach more self-identified girls. We use technology to give participants to connect with event more REAL Role Models and peers from across the country. We take advantage of breakout rooms to make the virtual experience just as fun, empowering and interactive as an in person event. The Virtual Power Hour includes physical activity, REAL Role Models and a workshop. Virtual Power Hours have a starting cost of ~$2500, for 25-100 participants.


“This was my first virtual conference and I wasn’t so sure about it but I loved it! I wish it was longer! After the two hours had past I didn’t want it to end! The best experience I had in a long time!” – Virtual Power Hour Participant

Power Hour Curriculum

Each Power Hour delivers one curriculum module. Power Hour Partners are encouraged to select a module that will address a specific need in their community or team and correspond with the target age range of the event. Fast and Female is happy to help you select the best module for your event!

Our curriculums are evidence-based and created by research teams and child psychologists.

What is the Role of a Power Hour Partner?

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Securing space for the event
  • Confirming date and time of event 
  • Supporting with marketing and outreach for the event 
  • Liaising with Fast and Female 

*Your role can vary depending on your organization’s needs. We will work to support each other where necessary throughout the process.

Past Events

Alpine Ontario Alpin

The Fast and Female team was so excited to head up to Collingwood, Ontario to deliver an empowering 90 minute Power Hour workshop to the Alpine Ontario Alpin. Fast and Female presented the Power of Positive Thinking curriculum to a group of ~30 participants. We ended the day by hearing from our incredible REAL Role Models. We got to hear about how they get out of the ‘stink’n’thinkin’ as athletes, coaches, and on a day-to-day basis. They also shared some of their favorite pre-ski snacks! Then the group got together for a final group photo and we said goodbye to all our participants.

Calgary Foothills Soccer Club

This program, presented by University of Calgary Women’s Soccer, empowered 86 girls, aged 8-14. Young soccer players learned about Fast and Female and leadership skills they can use within and outside of sport. REAL Role Models came from the University of Calgary Women’s Soccer team to empower girls through sport. They connected during a panel discussion and inspirational chats.

Speed Skating Canada (Virtual)

In March of 2022, we delivered a virtual Power Hour to 22 Speed Skating Canada participants. We had participants join us from 8 different provinces. Our Weeds & Seeds curriculum was presented, focusing on identifying positive and negative qualities modelled by peers, coaches and parents that help someone grow, or in contrast unravel self-confidence. Girls got to connect with 4 REAL Role Models. We supported discussion with role models using breakout rooms. This was the highlight of the program.

What the girls Say

91% of girls say that meeting REAL Role Models was useful, interesting and important

Girls rated their confidence 8.1/10 after attending a Power Hour

98% of girls would recommend a Fast and Female event to a friend


I enjoyed taking part as a role model along with some of the other girls who were there from the women in coaching project. I felt that we were able to take everything that we learned from our week and really apply it during the power hour. I also one meeting a bunch of young athletes who loved the sport and wanted to learn more about ways they can help themselves when they face challenges and strong feelings.” 

– Fast and Female REAL Role Model

“Heather is a great role model and inspiring leader. Knowing her has shown me that I can achieve anything through hard work and dedication.”

– Anni Heinikainen, Fast and Female participant

Power Hour FAQ

I’m interested in joining the movement to empower girls through sports – What does it take to become a partner of a Power Hour?

We are committed to empowering girls through sport and physical activity and delivering Power Hours on an event-by-event basis that gives each event the opportunity to have its own partner to financially support the event.  If you’re interested in taking the next steps to get involved, please fill out our contact form.

How long does it typically take to get one of these inspiring events in motion? Is there a deadline?

We require 3 months to ensure that each Power Hour is as successful as possible. Event planning begins when we process partnership agreements and our standard timeline is that the Power Hour will take place no less than 10 weeks after the partnership has been confirmed. Our Event Coordinators and staff need that time to work with our Role Models to confirm their schedules, plan for empowering programming and fun, and of course, to promote the event by engaging with various community groups and teams to get girls registered. Our goal is quality. We want to make sure that every Power Hour is impactful and excellent!

*For a quicker timeline, additional fees may apply

I noticed that the age range for this event is 8-18. How do you deliver programming to such a diverse age range?

Our programming and curriculum is developed with certain age groups in mind. For example, our Leadership Module (“The Leader Within All of Us”) is perfect for an older age group (13-18), whereas our Confidence Boosting Module (“Our Super Self Power”) is best for younger age groups (8-12). While our programming can be adapted for every age, we strongly suggest that your event target a specific age range to ensure that participants are able to fully engage in the workshop, make friends, and have fun with their peers. Our events team will help you choose the curriculum that’s right for your participants.

I love what Fast and Female is doing and want to get involved, how can I do that without putting on a Power Hour?

Thanks for your interest! There are SO many ways to join the movement and get involved with Fast and Female.

  • Sign up for our newsletter at
  • Donate
  • Learn everything you can about the barriers facing women and girls in sports.
  • Follow Fast and Female on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Post #fastandfemale
  • Go to women’s sporting events and stream them online.