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Terri Whitehead (she/her)

Co-Secretary, REAL Role Model Rep

Terri Whitehead (she/her) is a Calgary-based striver for action and seeker of movement and connection.  Passionate about sport, the natural…


Baneen Al-Sachit (She/Her)

REAL Role Model Rep

Baneen Al-Sachit is a second-year university student majoring in General Science at Mount Royal University. In her free time, Baneen…


Adrienne Gomes (she/her)

REAL Role Model Rep

Adrienne has been involved with Fast and Female as a REAL (Relatable, Empowered, Active Leader) Role Model since 2018. She…


Tobi Odueke (She/Her)

General Member

Tobi Odueke is a healthcare professional based in Toronto, Ontario. She completed her Bachelors in Science (BSc) at McMaster University…