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Fast and Female Champ Chats

What is a Fast and Female Champ Chat?

Self-identified girls ages 8-18 are invited to a 3-4 hour event, called a Fast and Female Champ Chat where they will be inspired by our REAL (Relatable, Empowering, Active Leaders) Role Models to stay active in sports and have fun!

Girls are placed in age-appropriate groups with a Role Model to enjoy high-quality face-to-face time with each other and our Role Models (approximately 1 Role Model for every 10 girls).

There are three parts to the event:

  1. A physical activity circuit, led by local organizations and our Role Models
  2. Inspirational chat with our Role Models and autograph session
  3. Group physical activity to end the day. Blast the music, celebrate and feel awesome


“Fast and Female has changed my daughter’s life. Their events let her connect with other girls, set goals, and take on challenges – these are skills that will set her up to succeed in life as well as sports.”

– Mother of a Champ Chat participant

Target Audience

8-18 year olds

# of Participants


REAL Role Models

5-10 (We keep a 1:10 ratio of REAL Role Models to participants)

Starting Cost


*If the cost or budget is a concern, Fast and Female will be happy to discuss the details of the budget as well as pose opportunities for modifications.

A Champ Chat Is For Your Girls If:

  • You/your organization want to foster a FUN active environment that promotes social belonging and role models.
  • Empowering team-building and confidence boosting activities are what you’re looking for.
  • You/your organization see the value in girls meeting and connecting role models in a casual and impactful setting.
  • You/your organization are looking for a longer, activity focused event.

What is the Role of a Champ Chat Partner?

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Securing space for the event
  • Confirming date and time of event 
  • Supporting with marketing and outreach for the event 
  • Liaising with Fast and Female 

*Your role can vary depending on your organization’s needs. We will work to support each other where necessary throughout the process.

If you are interested in sponsoring a series of events please contact

Past Events

ATB Champ Chat Series

In the first three months of 2020, over 396 girls and 90 REAL Role Models and volunteers came together to participate in 5 Fast and Female Champ Chats at 4 schools and the Calgary Boy’s and Girl’s Club across Alberta. The Champ Chats were filled with opportunities for the participants to connect with strong women role models who have been involved in sport in a variety of roles, including coaches, elite athletes, and sports experts. Participants also had the opportunity to participate and possibly try for the first time, new sports and physical activities in a non-competitive environment. With a theme of CONFIDENCE, the day focused on creating a welcoming and fun environment for all girls that empowered them through sport and movement.

TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre

At this Champ Chat in Spruce Grove, with ~90 participants, Fast and Female shared the fun that comes from sports and physical activity. Stations included baton twirling, yoga and an obstacle course. Participants got to try new activities while getting time to connect with REAL Role Models from a variety of sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Lacrosse
  • Swimming

We had so much fun empowering girls with new and fun activities!

Lethbridge Sport Council

The Fast and Female team was excited to work with the Lethbridge Sport Council, to deliver an afternoon of empowerment and fun to 90 self-identified girls. Participants had the opportunity to go through a 5 station physical activity circuit with a focus on physical literacy skills like throwing and kicking. After enjoying a healthy snack, participants got to have an inspirational chat with REAL Role Models. The Role Models represented many different sports like dirt biking, powerlifting, curling, barrel racing, and many more.

Champ Chat FAQ

I'm interested in joining the movement to empower girls through sports - What does it take to become a partner of a Champ Chat?

We are committed to empowering girls through sport and physical activity and delivering Champ Chats on an event-by-event basis that gives each event the opportunity to have its own partner to financially support the event.  If you’re interested in taking the next steps to get involved, please fill out our contact form.

How long does it typically take to get one of these inspiring event in motion? Is there a deadline?

We require 3 months of planning time to ensure that each Champ Chat is as successful as possible. Event planning begins when we process partnership agreements and our standard timeline is that the Champ Chat will take place no less than 3 months after the presenting partner has been confirmed. Our Event Coordinators need that time to work with our REAL Role Models to confirm their schedules, plan an EPIC day of empowering programming and fun, and of course, to promote the event by engaging with various community groups and teams. Our goal is quality. We want to make sure that every Champ Chat is impactful and excellent!

**We’ve been known to hustle extra hard to deliver events in shorter timelines, so if you have a VERY compelling case, we’re all ears**

I love what Fast and Female is doing and want to get involved, how can I do that without putting on a Champ Chat?

Thanks for your interest! There are SO many ways to join the movement and get involved with Fast and Female.

  • Sign up for our newsletter at
  • Donate
  • Learn everything you can about the barriers facing women and girls in sports.
  • Follow Fast and Female on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Post #fastandfemale
  • Go to women’s sporting events and stream them online.