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Custom Programs and Events

We want to work with YOU to create the event or program of your dreams. We offer custom events to provide personalized experiences for partners. Custom events allow you and your organization to choose what your event looks like. This includes the number of participants, activities and sports, and curriculum. Whether you already have an idea or want to see ideas we have, we will work to create an amazing, empowering experience for your participants! Let us know your budget and we will work with you to create a custom event. The world is your playground.

Previous Custom Events and Programs

Close to 700 girls from Ottawa schools, grades 4 – 6, and over 100 volunteers came together for the first annual Sports Day the Girls’ Way, hosted by the OSEG Foundation in partnership with the City of Ottawa and Fast and Female. The day was filled with opportunities for the participants to connect with strong female role models who have been involved in sport in a variety of roles, including coaches, referees, elite athletes and sport experts. Girls had the opportunity to participate in and try new sports and physical activities in a non-competitive environment. With a theme of CONFIDENCE, the day focused on creating a welcoming and fun environment for all girls that empowered them through sport and movement. The sports tried were wrestling, curling, soccer, football and dance. Read more

“This event really boosted my confidence.”

Vancouver Whitecaps Pre-Match Jamboree

Close to 70 self-identified girls from Vancouver, aged 8-14, as well as 12 REAL Role Models and several Whitecaps staff, came together for the first Women and Girls Sport Night hosted by the Vancouver Whitecaps. The day was filled with opportunities for the participants to connect with strong women role models who have been involved in sports and physical activity in various roles, including coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, elite and professional athletes and sport experts. The participants had the opportunity to participate in soccer skills and drills in a non-competitive environment on the Whitecaps field while also participating in a workshop to teach the importance of boundaries and healthy friendships. With empowerment top of mind, the day focused on creating a welcoming and fun space for all girls that promoted the continuation of sport and physical activity in all avenues, such as players, coaches, officials, announcers, and athletic staff. For this event, a curriculum was included, led by Dr. Tasha Belix. 

“I was doubting myself for the on-field activities at first but I ended up having no problem and it was really fun”Participant

Photo Credit Camil Dubuc

The Great Cookie Trek presented by Girl Guides of Canada

Over 1500 Girl Guides members across Ontario and Nunavut signed up for a month of Getting Active. Leading up to the organization’s new cookie campaign, Girl Guides launched the Great Cookie Trek, with the help of Fast and Female. Participants were on a mission to track their activity over the month of April 2023, to reach a collective goal of 28,500 km, the number of member’s in Ontario and Nunavut. The month included a virtual kickoff with Fast and Female REAL Role Models talking about how they stay active, weekly challenges, and a digital kit of activities. The Girl Guides crushed their goal and tracked 28,636 kilometres over the month! Check out the webpage here.  

“Thanks for the tips and motivation on the importance of staying active!” Participant


  1. Contact us with your budget and what you are thinking for your program/event
  2. Work with Fast and Female Programs staff to refine and outline all details
    • During this stage Fast and Female is able to offer different options with variable budgets
  3. Confirm partnership and we will get to work!
  4. Deliver the program or event and empower women and girls in your community!