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Let The Kids Play: The Benefits of Unstructured Play

By Muskaan Walia To raise healthy, well-rounded kids, parents and gaurdians are finding themselves busier than ever. They work long hours and then come home to overbooked schedules filled with soccer lessons, swim meets, gymnastics intramurals, and math tutoring. Not…

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Give the Gift of Fight for Women’s Day

By Muskaan Walia  To celebrate International Women’s Day, some choose to get together with all the important women in their life and celebrate them with a toast. Some choose to spend the day alone and read a book written by…

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Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Content Warning: The following statement includes mention of war and, violence against marginalized and vulnerable communities.   On February 24, 2022 Russia began a military invasion of Ukraine that continues to have a devastating impact there and beyond European borders.…

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