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Give the Gift of Fight for Women’s Day

By Muskaan Walia 

To celebrate International Women’s Day, some choose to get together with all the important women in their life and celebrate them with a toast. Some choose to spend the day alone and read a book written by women authors. However, another option to consider is fighting for a woman in your life! Yes, fighting! 

In honour of International Women’s Day, all Rumble Boxing locations in Calgary dedicate the month of March to all Women Who Fight (WTF)! Owner and proud fighter Chrissy Chen came up with the brilliant idea to create a challenge where participants will donate a minimum of $25 and upon successful completion of the challenge, win a prize worth up to $2050! All you must do is complete 10 30-minute sessions within 30 days and Rumble Boxing will sponsor a woman in your life with a $350 Rumble Package. However, if instead, you complete 20 sessions within 30 days, Rumble will sponsor someone in your life with a Package valued at $2050! Now just imagine gifting a woman in your life with this one-of-a-kind gift, not only will you be awarded the coolest gift giver of the year, but you can also be changing someone’s life by getting them into a healthy, fun, and social hobby. 

Chen believes that as women continue to fight to improve each other and themselves, they require strength mentally and physically. By boxing with Rumble, participants get the best of both worlds. It is an excellent workout as it enhances the cardiovascular systems, promotes hormonal health, improves coordination, and body composition. Physical benefits aside, it is an outstanding stress reliever and can help women find friends in a safe community. It also builds confidence and can be used as a real-life tool as it teaches self-defence. It truly is the perfect gift to give.


Chen has graciously decided to donate proceeds from the challenge sign-ups to Fast and Female and BC Women’s Health Foundation. When asked why she choose us she responded with, “Rumble’s foundation comes from an empowered woman. The majority of Rumble’s leadership team is comprised of strong, badass women. It is a part of who we are. It’s in Rumble’s DNA. Rumble is dedicated to supporting and uplifting all the badass women in our communities. What Fast and Female stands for is perfectly aligned with Rumble Boxing. We will continue to help support young women everywhere and that includes all Fast and Female’s initiatives. Female empowerment is not a trend. We are in the beginning stages of the shift and movement that will change and progress forever. Generations of women will continue to adopt this empowered and strong-willed mindset. We must all continue with lifting one another up and fighting together.”


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