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Supporter Spotlight: Goddess Run

Goddess Run is supporting Fast and Female with their June Goddess Challenge. 

Goddess Run is a women’s run series based in British Columbia. It all started with the first official Goddess Run taking place in 2012. The mission of the Run is to Inspire, Educate and Celebrate women. This is done by making a safe women-only running event to support and empower women. That’s what makes this a special event. Goddess Run has continued building a community of “goddesses” to continue the tradition of supporting other women. Year after year charities are picked to be supported by the Run. Since 2012, Goddess Run has raised over $250,000 for many different charities. We are excited to be a charity of choice this year! 

Led by Cathy Noel, the 2023 Goddess Run took place in Victoria, British Columbia on March 5. This year they changed up the location, route and month, but kept the inspiration and support of the growing community. This event had a 5 and 10 kilometre run. The event included SWAG, a supportive community of women via Facebook and year-round training tips. 

Although the Goddess Run started as a once a year event, it has continued to grow and touch the lives of more women, across the country, by adding virtual events and opportunities to their roster. Every event has charities for participants to choose to support, like the Victoria Women’s Transition House and CFB Esquimalt Military Resource Centre. The upcoming June Goddess Challenge has selected Fast and Female as one of the charities of the month. 

The June Challenge is a virtual month long series that includes weekly challenges, online resources and special sponsor offers. Goddess Run will present webinars and online workouts weekly, with a different theme and focus each week. The weekly focuses are based on the ‘Goddess Goals’ to Motivate, Inspire, Educate and Celebrate. To learn more and register for this virtual challenge click here. 

Thank you Goddess Run for choosing us as a charity of choice!