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2022 Year In Review

As the year comes to an end, we would like to look back at everything we have accomplished in 2022. With a slow return from COVID-19, we were able to host 15 events across five provinces and one territory, virtual and IN PERSON! Through these events, we have engaged self-identified girls, the youth network, REAL Role Models, event coordinators, and committee members. We have reached a total of 1080 individuals over the year and can’t wait to continue supporting amazing girls and women in sport.

We have been able to build new partnerships to continue delivering programs for the girls, by the girls. These include the Flames Foundation, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Athleta. We also completed our second year of the Removing Barriers for Self-Identified Girls in Sport program with Canadian Women & Sport and Silver Gummy. With this program, we connected with girls in sport and their sport leaders to teach them about the benefits gained from sport and how to increase participation. We are excited to continue this program in the coming year! 

After a few years off, we were able to host the Girls’ Run again alongside Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Women’s Run. It is amazing to see the women’s empowerment and excitement at these events that get to run side by side. Thank you to Rocky Mountain Soap Company for fundraising $20,000 for us. We can’t wait to continue empowering self-identified girls at the Girls Run next year. 

As our year was coming to an end, we worked hard with our Youth Advisory Council to launch our Giving Tuesday campaign. With this campaign, we shared how we will continue to create the next generation of leaders. Our youth members wrote open letters to share how they have benefitted from sport and physical activity and their experiences with Fast and Female. Our youth network is continuing to work hard and have an impact in their individual communities by hosting their own events.

This year we have gone through many changes, including announcing our new Executive Director, Gaby Estrada, and had so many learning opportunities from all the events and programs we were involved in. With all of these great moments, we have continued engaging self-identified girls to be active. As we move into 2023, we will continue to empower women and girls with sport and physical activity. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in reaching our vision of harnessing the power of sports and role models to forge a new generation of women leaders.