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2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

On July 20th, the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Series kicked off in Australia and New Zealand. 


What is the FIFA Women’s World Cup? 

FIFA is the governing body for Soccer, also known as Football internationally. Coming decades after the Men’s World Cup was established, the women’s tournament provides some of the best Soccer competitions in the world. The Women’s World Cup brings together the greatest soccer players from each participating country in competition, every four years. Ever since its beginning, fans have been showing up to see great athleticism. Over the last few decades, the Women’s World Cup has changed to become more on par with the Men’s World Cup, including adding in prize money in 2007 and improving accommodations (Time Magazine)  

About 2023 

This year is the 9th Women’s World Cup. The tournament is taking place from July 20th to August 20th. The series takes place in Australia and New Zealand. There are 32 teams that will compete in the group stage and then go into elimination rounds, beginning with the top 16 teams. Unfortunately, Team Canada has been eliminated and will not be moving on to playoff games. 


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Ways to Support

Although Team Canada is not competing anymore, Soccer is a great sport to watch, and we love finding ways to support women in sport. 

  1. Watch a game! Check out the schedule and find ways to watch it here
  2. Share news about the World Cup on Social Media. We love the Gist on Instagram
  3. Talk about women’s soccer with your friends and family.

We are excited to see so many talented women competing on the world stage, and seeing how many others are excited to watch!