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General Member

Allison Swelin is passionate about building high-performing teams using trust and vulnerability. With over 10 years of tech industry experience, Allison has collaborated with thought leaders and led strategic initiatives for Garmin, SMART, and Motorola. Spearheading the creation of the Garmin Health division, Allison helped to build an ecosystem of over 100 Global API partners and inspired its growth to $25M in less than 3 years. Today, she serves as the Director of Growth for My Normative, a female-focused health platform disrupting the sex and gender health equity gap through validated data collection, management, and analytical processes.

After starting a family in 2016, her passion for building a more diverse and inclusive technology industry across Canada led her to join the Chic Geek Board as Chair to create a welcoming, supportive, confidence-building community for women and girls that want to explore technology, entrepreneurship, and startups. Adventure, longevity and active living are core to her being and parenting creating a natural fit with the Fast and Female mission.