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Celebrating Women In Sport: March Madness

By Morgyn Engman

This year’s March Madness tournament concluded on April 2nd with the Women’s championship game taking place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. The game was between the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers and Iowa Hawkeyes. Seeded number 3 and number 2, respectively. The game ended with a score of 102 – 85, making the LSU Tigers the champions, the University’s first championship. 

March Madness is an NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament that begins in mid-March, with parallel tournaments for men and women. Women were not introduced into the tournament until 1982, 10 years after Title IX was passed. Title IX is a law in the United States that prohibits sex-based discrimination in education programs and activities that receive government funding, including school sports teams. The tournament, much like many sports events, has continued to have issues with equity between the men’s and women’s tournaments. For example, in 2021, social media highlighted the differences between the amenities and facilities that were provided to each tournament’s participants. This year’s event did not have the same level of controversy, but there is still work to be done to close the gap. Media highlighted the gap, and could help to close it. Many say that by promoting the women’s tournament better and providing better media coverage, could improve gender equity. This issue has been a highlight over the last few years with name, image and likeness (NIL) policies granting athletes the right to be compensated for their personal brand. 

When searching and reading about the tournament, it is clear that many records were set this year, both on the court and on air. Athletes and teams were setting records like never before, with LSU being the first number 3 seed to win the championship. The women’s tournament also set records for attendance and viewership, showing how much people care about women’s sports. We look forward to seeing continued change and improvements to gender equity in the NCAA. 

How can you support women’s sports? 

  1. Find ways to stream and watch women’s sports
  2. Share about your favourite athlete or sport on social media
  3. Get involved in a sport in your community 

Congratulations LSU Tigers! We love women’s sports!