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Facilitator Spotlight: Brittney Gibbs (Removing Barriers Monday Night Program)

Meet Brittney Gibbs, a Fast and Female REAL Role Model and our recent Program Facilitator for Monday Night programming at MLSE Launchpad!


My name is Brittney Gibbs, founder of The Mind Game, a Sport Psychology Consulting Agency in the Greater Toronto Area, and a Fast and Female REAL Role Model. As a former Division l Track and Field athlete, it is important for me to use my experience and sport background to motivate and encourage the next generation of young athletes. I was fortunate enough to have positive female role models in my life as an athlete, and I recognize the impact it had on my sport participation. Because of this, I hope I can be a positive role model to female athletes on their athletic journey through my actions and knowledge.


This fall, I had the privilege of being the program facilitator for the first-ever in person Removing Barriers to Keep Self-Identified Girls in Sports Program at MLSE Launchpad, in partnership with Canadian Women and Sport, funded by the Silver Gummy Foundation. Commencing on September 25th , this five-week program was filled with creative ice-breakers, which allowed the girls to get more comfortable with their peers and RRM staff. Evidence based workshops that lead to meaningful discussions, and various movement activities such as soccer, basketball and boxing (thank you @GirlsJustWannaBox) that allowed the girls to get active and improve their individual skills. Workshop one- Circle of Friendships, focused on the girls identifying individuals in their life who they can trust and confide in during hardships. They recognized individuals who they may want to grow deeper connections with and find ways to remove themselves from unhealthy friendships. Workshop two- Pulling Weeds and Planting Seeds, allowed the girls to identify negative people in their life (weeds) and understand the behaviors and qualities that create a positive atmosphere (seeds). Lastly, workshop three- Speaking Up For Yourself, taught the girls how to set healthy boundaries with assertive communication and confident body language. Each week these girls kept me on my toes! They were curious, talkative and most importantly, passionate about sports. They taught me patience and confided in me with personal stories and experiences which was very rewarding. I am so grateful to be a part of an organization that recognizes the importance of keeping girls active and teaching them life lessons that will be valuable to them as they continue to grow and mature. Being a part of this program as a facilitator was very rewarding! I am thankful for the MLSE staff and REAL Role Models who contributed to the program and created a safe space for the girls to engage in each week. Girls in Sports are Empowered for Life!

First session of Removing Barriers to Keep Self-Identified Girls In Sports Program at MLSE Launchpad!

We are incredibly excited to have had Brittney as our Program Facilitator on Monday nights, and we look forward to her ongoing role as an inspiring role model for girls. Make sure to stay updated on Brittney’s ventures by checking out her business, The.Mind.Game !