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Happy Pride Month!

With June being Pride Month, we wanted to know how others would be prioritizing this month and celebrating because at Fast and Female, we recognize that no matter the day, no matter the month, it’s important to celebrate and embrace our differences…on and off the field.

We’ve rounded up some tweets that had us laughing out loud at times, and others that tugged on our heart strings.  We also decided to share stories from our REAL role models so that everyone could learn more about why our differences are our biggest strengths.

Here are some of the memorable tweets:



Our REAL (Relatable, Empowered, Active Leader) Role Models also shared what our theme for this year, “Embracing Our Differences – On and Off the Field,” meant for them.

Sophia shares that “embracing our differences means that we acknowledge difference, respect difference, and value difference. It means we all benefit from difference and embracing difference will get us all ahead in life.”


Lucy Dunne shared what one of her favorite days meant to her. “I felt so proud on my wedding day when I got to marry my beautiful wife surrounded by friends, family, and all of the people that are important to us on that special day celebrating love of two different people – doesn’t matter what that looks like. That’s just a day I will remember for the rest of my life; feeling so proud, so embraced, and just accepted for everything that I am.”


Pride Month may be coming to an end but the celebrations can continue; and the message and spirit of Pride must continue beyond the month. When it comes to embracing our differences, we must value doing it on and off the field!