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Jumpstart Community Development Grant Recipient (May – June 2023)

Fast and Female Supporting Women in Sports Foundation is excited to share that we have received another Canadian Tire Jumpstart Community Development Grant!

Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a Canadian charity that “helps kids overcome financial accessibility barriers to sport and recreation, in an effort to provide inclusive pay for kids of all abilities”. Since 2005 Jumpstart has disbursed more than $225 million to help over 3 million kids and counting. Along with Jumpstart, we understand the importance of sport for the health and well-being of kids and their families and are proud of our work to provide community sport and play. 

The funds received will be used to support our team in the following ways:

  • Fund Development – hire a Fund Development consultant to support our organization building a FD plan
  • Staffing – expand our team by hiring a short-term staff member to support operations and the development of our donor management system
  • Internal Training – providing diversity, equity, and inclusion training opportunities for staff, role models, and committee members

Our goal in focusing on these critical areas is to continue to begin to develop a more sustainable revenue model, build and strengthen our donor relations, and prioritize inclusive practices within all parts of the organization. Ultimately, this will support us in creating braver, more inclusive spaces within and at Fast and Female and continue to prioritize creating evidence-based, girl-focused, and girl-centered spaces for our participants. 

With Jumpstart’s previous support from the beginning of 2023 (January – April), we have already been able to:

  1. Begin strategic planning with the team at Mosaic Engagement
  2. Invest in our small but mighty staff team and increase our part-time hours
  3. Continue working on our fund development plan, including sending donor mail and purchasing a donor relationship management platform through Canada Helps.

We are excited to continue sharing with our community what we’ve been up to and what we’ll be doing next, so stay tuned!

Learn more about Jumpstart by visiting