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Keep Self-Identified Girls Healthy and Active During COVID

At Fast and Female our mission is clear – Keep self-identified girls healthy and active in sports. When asked how we can go about doing so, traditionally we’ve been able to provide 3 core calls-to-action for keeping girls in sports. These have included:

1. Creating a Sense of Social Belonging
The first and most fundamental reason girls participate in sports is for a sense of belonging. Each of us can make a difference in creating a positive and inclusive team culture – girls need social acceptance to stay engaged in sports. 

2. Prioritizing Their Health

Keep our girls healthy – mind, body, and spirit.

3. Engaging Role Models
You can’t be what you can’t see! Identify, elevate, and celebrate women role models and their stories.

These calls-to-action may seem simple enough, but during COVID-19 when we are all striving to keep ourselves and our communities safe, it is necessary to modify how we engage the girls. During the pandemic we’ve adapted our calls-to-action to what we refer to as the 3 C’s:


  1.  Communicate

Have ongoing, open discussions with girls and tailor the conversation to their age range. This allows them to gain appropriate information and not feel alone during scary and uncertain times – ex “I’d like to talk to you about the virus you’ve been hearing about”.

2. Check In

The pandemic can put mental health at risk  In addition to ongoing communication, have intentional and dedicated check-ins specifically aimed at discussing their emotions. Engage with the girls often to see how they’re feeling.Phone, text, join video video calls, even write old fashioned letters that they can look forward to.  Ask them questions and allow them to ask their own questions as well – ex “how do you feel today? Do you see anything confusing on the news that you have questions about?”

3. Create Community

Social Distancing doesn’t mean no socializing! Though it may look very different these days, allow them to connect with a consistent group of members from their communities. Ex – connecting with a Fast and Female REAL Role Model, Participating in YMCA At Home Programs, attending virtual Fast and Female events, etc.


Are you interested in learning more about how you can keep self-identified girls healthy and active during COVID-19? Check out our resources page for more.