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CLOSED: Whitecaps FC Women and Girls Day Event Coordinator (Vancouver, BC) 2022


  • Fast and Female is a Canadian charity on a mission to keep self-identified girls aged 8-14 healthy
    and active in sports and physical activities. Founded in 2005, Fast and Female believes in the
    power of positive sport experiences and role models to give girls leadership, teamwork, and
    resiliency skills.
  • In our endeavour to foster lasting involvement in sports, we host national and local events and
    programs in collaboration with community partners and like-minded individuals. Fast and Female
    provides opportunities for powerful connection with REAL (Relatable, Empowered, Active
    Leaders) Role Models from within the girls’ communities.


Harnessing the power of sports, movement, and role models to forge a new generation of women


Keep self-identified girls healthy and active in sports and physical activities.


  • Fast and Female was created in 2005 to tackle the inequalities and systemic barriers for girls and
    women in sports; however, we are also aware of how these inequalities reach far beyond sport
    culture and how they affect racialized and marginalized populations more than others.
  • We recognize that Fast and Female’s values of Inclusion and Social Change cannot be fully
    realized until we address these injustices and oppression and make meaningful change.
  • We are committed to hiring staff and contractors who, in addition to possessing the desirable
    experience, values and skill sets, contribute to the meaningful and intersectional representation
    among our team.



  • Whitecaps FC Women and Girls Day – Fast and Female Event Coordinator (Vancouver, BC)
  • Reports to Program Director



  • Fast and Female is seeking an Event Coordinator to coordinate the successful execution of
    the Fast and Female program part of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Women and Girls Day in
    Vancouver, BC on August 27.
  • We are looking for someone who is self-motivated, highly
    organized, detail-oriented, and has a flexible schedule leading into this event on Saturday,
    August 27, 2022. The person in this position shares our vision for a positive, empowering
    culture for girls in sports. The candidate is accountable for ongoing e-mail communications
    with our role models and other event contractors, organizing the Run of Show for our
    programming, recruiting physical activity leads and role models, support with post-program
    evaluations, Eventbrite and other remote and administrative duties.



Program and Event Development and Planning

  • Works closely with the Program Director and other core team members (as necessary) by
    providing input and support in the planning and delivery of the Fast and Female
    programming as part of the event day
  • Help to develop and maintain all program and event digital resources, including the
    Google Drive folders, workback plans/critical path and run sheet documents for the
    Girls Run
  • Collaborates with the Fast and Female Communications team to ensure effective
    and proper pre-program and event communications to key stakeholders and role
    models, as necessary.
  • Liaise with partners, Role Models, guest facilitators and other external support to
    collect relevant information and items related to communications and marketing –
    i.e., partner logo, Role Model photo, Instagram information, etc.
  • Attend meetings with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC
  • Travels to the event site in advance to complete site walk, meet with event committee
    and confirm any final event details
  • Regularly attend meetings with the Programs team

Program and Event Delivery and Evaluation

  • Oversees the maintenance of Eventbrite registration pages, including running
    event reports, reviewing responses, etc.
  • Ensure that all insurance policies and procedures are followed, including having
    waivers signed and retained for the safe execution of the program or event.
  • Supports the collection and analysis of data on participation, including contact
    information of partners and Role Models, and post-event survey results – this
    includes support in creating new surveys through Survey Monkey and/or Google
  • Liaison with role models and physical activity leads
  • Liaison with FF Inventory Coordinators to receive all materials to bring onsite (swag,
    banners, tent, etc.). Items to be shipped to Event Coordinators place of residence
  • Oversees the on-site delivery of the Whitecaps FC Women and Girls Day – from on-site
    set-up, potential MCing, coordinating Role Models, liaison with event photographers,
    onsite sales, take down, etc.
  • Assists in the creation of post-program and event internal and external reports (i.e., for
    donors and sponsors).

Program and Event Administrative tasks

  • Supports creating new and/or updating current templates, resources, and procedural
    documents for the event





  • Strong Eventbrite event page creation and
    management skills are a requirement
  • Experience using Survey Monkey and Google
  • Spreadsheet management a requirement
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong events project management,
    planning and hosting experience
  • Program creation and delivery experience
  • Google Drive knowledge

  • Strong ability to work independently
  • Self-directed (takes action as a leader)
  • Team Player
  • Attention to details
  • Can-do attitude
  • Flexible mindset
  • Honest
  • Dependable
  • Positive



  • Personal computer and internet access


  • Contractual, part-time work
  • Location: Vancouver area – primarily remote work with on-site needs leading up to
    event day and on event day
  • Ability to work up 25 – 30 hours between August 2 to September 9, 2022
  • Must be available on August 27 in Vancouver
  • Must be willing to work on weekends and evenings on occasions


  • $20 an hour for up to 25-30 hours (potential for additional hours of work – must be
    approved by Program Director)
    Applications are due Wednesday, July 27 at 11:59 PST.