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CLOSED Now Hiring: Workshop Facilitator (French)


  • Fast and Female is a Canadian charity on a mission to keep self-identified girls aged 8-14 healthy and active in sports and physical activities. Founded in 2005, Fast and Female believes in the power of positive sport experiences and role models to give girls leadership, teamwork, and resiliency skills. 
  • In our endeavour to foster lasting involvement in sports, we host national and local events and programs in collaboration with community partners and like-minded individuals. Fast and Female provides opportunities for powerful connection with REAL (Relatable, Empowered, Active Leaders) Role Models from within the girls’ communities. 


  • Harnessing the power of sports, movement, and role models to forge a new generation of women leaders. 


  • Keep self-identified girls healthy and active in sports and physical activities.


  • Fast and Female was created in 2005 to tackle the inequalities and systemic barriers for girls and women in sports; however, we are also aware of how these inequalities reach far beyond sport culture and how they affect racialized and marginalized populations more than others. 
  • We recognize that Fast and Female’s values of Inclusion and Social Change cannot be fully realized until we address these injustices and oppression and make meaningful change. ● We are committed to hiring staff and contractors who, in addition to possessing the desirable 

experience, values and skill sets, contribute to meaningful and intersectional representation among our team. 


  • Workshop Facilitator 
  • Reports to Executive Director 
  • Works collaboratively with Program Coordinator 


  • The Workshop Facilitator plays a key role in delivering a successful, safe and inspiring Fast and Female event, virtually, for youth participants. The person in this position shares our vision for a positive, empowering culture for girls in sports. The role consists of preparing and delivering two (2) 60 minute virtual workshops in French, meeting Fast and Female’s event quality standards, and offering a unique and empowering experience to all participants. The candidate is accountable for building relationships with key stakeholders including REAL Role Models, presenting event partners, fitness leaders, sports clubs, provincial sports organizations, and national sports organizations.


  • Event preparation
    • Reviews and learns workshop curriculum and schedule with Fast and Female staff
    • Accesses Fast and Female Workshop Facilitator Google Drive to familiarize themselves with curriculum and tools Establishes key contacts with stakeholders as necessary
    • Partakes in all event meetings where necessary
  • Event communications & marketing
    • Supports Fast and Female staff and presenting partner in the promotion of the event if necessary
    • Support social media efforts (take photos/screen shots during event)
  • Event hosting/delivery
    • Supports in the preparation of workshop materials
    • Reviews the incident reporting process
    • Ensures Incidents reports are completed if required during the event and submitted to the Executive Director after the event.
    • Act as a Fast and Female spokesperson and MC at the event (public speaking/talk about Fast and Female, introduce REAL Role Model)
    • Delivers curriculum to a group of 20 participants, virtually through zoom, in French.
  • Event wrap up
    • Participates in event debrief with event committee
    • Creates a post event report to share with Fast and Female team and presenting partner ○ Provides any additional feedback to Executive Director and Program Coordinator


  • Strong workshop facilitation and public speaking skills 
  • Familiarity with Zoom platform
  • Strong interpersonal/people skills
  • Strong communication 
  • Must have access to strong wifi
  • Must speak fluent French and English 


  • Laptop Computer with video camera and microphone 
  • Zoom account
  • Access to strong Wi-F 


  • Strong ability to work independently 
  • Self-directed 
  • Team Player 
  • Attention to details 
  • Can-do attitude 
  • Flexible mindset 
  • Dependable 


  • Contractual, part-time work. Approximately 10 hours of work, including two (2) 60 minute sessions for workshop delivery. 
  • Must be available on Thursday, October 6 and Thursday, October 13 between 5pm – 7pm EST 
  • Must be willing to work on weekends and evenings.


  • $200 honorarium. Must invoice Executive Director

Applications due September 23, 2022.