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With nearly two decades in human performance, Stefan Underwood is a highly accomplished performance specialist and is the Senior Vice President of Methodology at Exos, a global leader in human performance. With a passion for supporting individuals as they chase their goals, he has coached both developmental and elite athletes spanning a large variety of sports, fortune 100 leaders, and elite military. A believer in life-long learning, Stefan is also now pursuing a graduate degree in Organizational Psychology broadening his view on how organizations operate and perform when they are at their best.

Today, Stefan leads a transdisciplinary team of experts spanning neuroscience, psychology, coaching, dietetics, and sports science. The team provides whole-human points of view on improving human performance, whether that be on the field of play or in the boardroom. Currently, under his leadership, the team is investigating and informing topics such as women’s performance in sport, work, and life, flow state in the workplace, the power of team and community, advanced profiling and prescription, and the emerging priority of brain health in society. With all of this, he will still tell you that the most important work he does comes with the title of “Dad.” The proud father of a son and a daughter, he is deeply passionate about guiding them to lead healthy and happy lives as they chase their own goals.