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SHE Scores Bangers

Fast and Female writer, Morgyn, sat down with SHE Scores Bangers Founder and Content Producer, Mariam Kourabi. 

Mariam was born in Dubai and grew up in Burlington, ON. She is a 4th year Human Behaviour student at McMaster University. At only 20 years old she is the founder of SHE Scores Bangers, a platform to provide accessible content about women’s sports. Parts of her childhood helped shape her excitement about sport. Growing up with a twin brother meant that Mariam never had to play alone. She spent a lot of time playing soccer, playing everyday in the summer. She had a great coach who was an ex-professional player from Ireland. However, she never saw professional women’s sports as a child. Mariam also did jiu jitsu and MMA after breaking her foot, showing her another side of sport. Now she plays for fun, always finding someone to play with. Mariam said that one of her role models is Diana Matheson. She is from the same area in Ontario as Mariam, and has persevered from there to advocate for women and girls in sport, especially soccer. Through SHE Scores Bangers, Mariam was able to connect with Diana and hear about how she did it. Another important piece of the puzzle is her friends and family being supportive throughout the journey. 

SHE Scores Bangers was created to shine a light on women’s sports. Mariam didn’t just want to show scores and game highlights and the top athletes. SHE Scores Bangers also includes different perspectives from sport industry professionals, other journalists, and fun content about games. There is also a spotlight on the growth of the game, and elaborating on dialogues and conversations going on about the game. While creating SHE Scores Bangers, Mariam found that she had to trust the process. There has been and continues to be effort that isn’t reciprocated by the audience, but she knows that the work is important and as soccer and women’s sports continues to grow SHE Scores Bangers will continue to have an impact. Mariam’s future goals for the platform are to diversify the conversation and continue to foster support and engage new people. Mariam also wants to connect with new professionals within the industry to continue building the conversation. 

Mariam’s advice for young girls is to have a positive mindset, see that lots of people are behind you working to support you, and to enjoy what you do.