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Fast and Female appoints Sophia Dhrolia as Chair, Board of Directors

Fast and Female is very pleased to announce that it has appointed Sophia Dhrolia as the new Chair of the Board of Directors to support the organization as of July 1, 2023. A former Fast and Female Anti-Racism and Respect Advisory Committee (ARRC) member,  Sophia is the current Diversity & Inclusion Director at Interac. Sophia will lead the Board of Directors team and work closely with the Fast and Female staff team on the future of the organization.

“I’m thrilled to continue working alongside Sophia on the future of Fast and Female and continuing to empower girls through sport and physical activity, across the country!”

Gaby Estrada, Executive Director

Sophia has been an integral member of ARRC since January 2021, supporting Fast and Female in their ongoing work to integrate an intersectional, anti-racist lens and framework in their operations. Sophia is passionate about building a culture that values diversity, champions inclusion, and promotes collaboration to drive results. Sophia is committed to developing environments where differences are respected and valued and where people are empowered to be their authentic selves.

“I am honoured and humbled to become the Chair of the Fast and Female Board. I look forward to collaborating with the F&F team and the current and future Board members to solidify the strategy, continue to strengthen the brand, and support Gaby and the team achieve the vision for the organization. I want to thank Melissa for leading the Board for the last few years and look forward to working closely with her and other Board members to grow the success of Fast & Female and empower every self-identified girl to access sport and value physical activity across Canada.”

Sophia Dhrolia, Chair of the Board of Directors

At this time, Fast and Female would also like to thank Melissa Smith for her work with the organization as outgoing Chair. Melissa has been a part of the Board of Directors since 2019, taking on the role of Chair in 2021. Fast and Female is incredibly thankful for Melissa’s support and contribution to the organizations ongoing success and impact. Melissa will remain on the Board of Directors as Past Chair and support the transition.

I have been so honored to act as Chair of Fast and Female these last 2 years.  This organization is doing amazing work to empower girls and I am proud to be a part of that work and to have the chance to serve alongside the amazing individuals who comprise the Board and the management team at Fast and Female.  I am thrilled that Sophia will be stepping into the Chair position and look forward to supporting her in my new role of Past Chair.”

Melissa Smith, Past Chair of the Board of Directors

Fast and Female is excited to announce that the Call for Nominations to join our Board of Directors is now open! Learn more about the posting by clicking here or by downloading this interactive PDF.

For any questions related to our board recruitment or overall operations, please e-mail us at