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Kudos to Chandra, Annika, Rosanna and team for organizing such a great event on Sunday. I would like to thank you for letting me be involved as the “oldest” ambassador!! I believe that every time we have an opportunity to empower girls in sport we grow our sport in substantial ways.

In 1981 there were 2 women competing in Biathlon in Canada – Kaarina from BC and Denise from Alberta – I knew that I was a better skier and shooter than her, so in 1982 I started my adventure in Biathlon. That year at nationals there were 4 women, the next year 8, then the next year 16, then there was a Jr. women’s category, etc etc until 1992 when Myriam won an Olympic medal and many young girls knew that it was a real possibly for Canadians to succeed at the Olympic level.

So all of you great ambassadors need to know that you make a huge difference as role models and mentors to the young girls who you work with. When people see that the way has been paved it opens the door to set the bar even higher. Best of luck to everyone this season as you set and meet your goals, I’m going to forge a new skiing class this year and plan to give ski instruction for women 55+ at COP this winter!! So maybe to can encourage that age group to also be empowered through sport!!

Best wishes and see you on the trails!!