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As a parent and helper, I was so impressed with the Fast and Female weekend in Yellowknife. It was so cool to peak in the door and see 50 kids all dancing in step together. In a short time they all learned the dance steps. They were doing it for themselves, not to perform. There was so much chatter in the lodge when the girls were eating lunch and laughter too. The Fast and Female experience has connected the girls who participated in it in a unique way. Years from now I could see them connecting with one of the other females and saying ‘Hey, weren’t you at that first Fast and Female weekend in YK. We had so much fun!’ It was a real memory builder. One of my daughters is really interested in doing yoga now. We haven’t managed to get her into a program for yoga yet. Every once in a while she will do some yoga before bed. Even if it isn’t exactly done right, at this point the important thing for me is her positive attitude to yoga and a desire to do more.

One of the young women who came out to guide a group of FF skiers through the stations is volunteering as an assistant coach with our Track Attack program. I am sure she made the choice to volunteer because she had such fun with the girls at Fast and Female.

I love skiing and I try not to miss an opportunity to promote it and to encourage individuals to give the sport a try. I cannot think of anything more wonderful than the sight from our Yellowknife ski club balcony of 50 girls having a ball going around and around in the stadium on their skis at Fast and female. Also, it was so great to have each of the girls ski the loppet with a group. They really challenged themselves. Many of the girls would not have skied as far if they had skied the loppet with their families. They also might have complained a lot more!

Fast and Female was a wonderful, positive rewarding experience for the girls and for the volunteers.