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Fast and Female Event Coordinator

We believe in supporting our ambassadors. By hiring them to coordinate events in the communities, we give them flexible work as well as the chance to build their skills, networks and resumes. We offer an honorarium for their efforts and support them with all the Fast and Female event planning tools honed since the first Champ Chat back in 2005.

Are you looking for an opportunity to:

Take your Fast and Female Ambassador engagement to the next level!

Give back to your community. Share your sport experiences with the next generation of female athletes.

Gain professional work experience, a flexible work schedule that fits within your current training/competition schedule.

Improve your leadership, public speaking, and event coordination skills. Great resume builder.

If so, you would be a great fit for our Event Coordinator role!

Key Attributes
  • Extremely motivated, passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic!
  • Team Player – teamwork makes the dream work at F&F.
  • Leadership Skills – lead a supportive team of volunteers and ambassadors through the event planning process.
  • Superb organization and communication skills.
  • Work remotely, 3 month time commitment ($ honorarium).
  • Valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle.
Perks of the Job
  • A remarkably rewarding experience to empower girls in sport! #goodvibes #payitforward #spreadthelove
  • Work with elite female athletes across the country. You’re going to meet A LOT of amazing people on this journey!
  • Flexible schedule, work remotely.
  • Complimentary Fast and Female Swag.
  • Discount on Fast and Female merchandise. Spread the love of F&F to your family, friends, and teammates!

Event Coordinator Testimonials

“Being a Fast and Female event coordinator was such a positive experience for so many reasons. It allowed me to be involved with my favourite organization on a different level- planning an event from start to end. Being able to really tailor it to my community made the event a lot of fun and a big success. As a full time athlete, working isn’t always the easiest thing to fit into a busy training schedule. The event coordinator position was perfect, because it was flexible- I could work when it fit, and from anywhere!”

Jessica Furlan, Event Coordinator in British Columbia
Fast and Female Ambassador, Athletics Steeplechase

“Working as an event coordinator for Fast and Female was a great experience. Not only because I got to get more involved in the organization, but it gave me an opportunity to connect with my community deeper. Getting girls involved in the program and being able to bring together a powerful group of female athletes and young girls for a day of inspiration and movement was so special.”

Rachel Francois, Event Coordinator in British Columbia
Fast and Female Ambassador, Athletics

“Working as an event coordinator was such a great opportunity. As an elite athlete it’s tough to find a job that is flexible enough, but this was perfect because I could work from my laptop. I also had such an awesome team to work with which made it a ton of fun and I learned so much along the way! The best part was seeing all my hard work pay off at the event, it was inspiring to see more than 100 girls show up!”

Katherine Stewart Jones, Event Coordinator in Quebec
Fast and Female Ambassador, Cross Country Skiing

“Working with Fast and Female is an easy and super rewarding way to help develop sport, and the next generation of girls! Fast and Female has clearly outlined objectives and a step by step guide on how to achieve them at events. It can be as simple as filling in the blanks to organize the event, but they also encourage creativity to tailor it to your community/sport to host the best event possible! The ladies behind the scenes are super helpful and provide all the support and positivity you’ll need! It’s definitely work to put together an event, but it always totally worth it and time again proves to be the best way to spend a weekend and connect with some killer lady-bosses too!”

Katherine Hall, Event Coordinator in Ontario
Fast and Female Ambassador, Cross Country Skiing