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In 2020, We Broke Barriers

Thank you for a great year! In 2020 we were able to ‘Break Barriers’ by reaching self-identified girls across the nation through virtual events. With the help of our incredible supporters, we were also able to take steps towards breaking financial barriers. We provided 232 subsidized tickets to attendees for our 2020 Virtual Summit.

We hope that 2021 has been off to a safe and promising start for you and your loved ones. We can’t wait to host new events, get active and have fun with you again this year!

Join us in reviewing some of the incredible strides we were able to make in 2020 towards our mission of keeping self-identified girls healthy and active in sports!


18 Events

From Champ Chats and Power Hours, to our first ever Virtual Summit we loved connecting with you and trying new sports and activities.

8 Virtual Events

COVID-19 has been confusing but we’re so glad that it didn’t stop us from connecting virtually, and staying active with our REAL (Relatable, Empowered, Active Leaders) Role Models.

77 Hours of Events and Programs

With an aim to provide research-based programming to encourage self-identified girls to stay active and healthy in sports, we are so proud of the time we spent engaging directly with our community.

My daughter loved getting to meet female athletes from different sports. She came home and told us about a bunch of different sports she had never heard of before and wanted to go watch or try!


340 REAL Role Models Appearances

As the lifeblood of our organization, REAL Role Models are inspiring members from within our own communities who volunteer hundreds of hours annually to connect with our participants and stay engaged even during the pandemic.

1490 Self-Identified Girl Participants

Building new friendships, engaging with REAL Role Models, and trying new sports and activities, we loved hosting events and programs for the girls!

2409 Individuals Reached

Fast and Female is an incredible community! From local event coordinators and facilitators, to REAL Role Models, volunteers, and adults/coaches/parents/ guardians – none of what we accomplished during 2020 would have been possible without you!

I felt like this experience has encouraged me more to get out more in the sports community and try to do more stuff

– Samanthan, Saskatchewan

Thank you for an amazing year! We look forward to your continued support in 2021!
Learn about our 2021 event and programming goals, here