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Supporter Spotlight: Karina Birch from Rocky Mountain Soap

The Fast and Female crew is ecstatic to have the opportunity to sit down with Karina Birch, co-owner and CEO of Rocky Mountain Soap Company. Rocky Mountain Soap is a natural beauty brand that continues to support Canadian charities, including Fast and Female, through their monthly limited edition Community Bar. In addition to this, we have been proud to collaborate in the annual Rocky Mountain Soap Girl’s Run alongside the Women’s Run in Canmore, Alberta.

Learn more about Karina Birch, her drive for social change and clean beauty by reading our Q&A, below.


Tell us about your Rocky Mountain Soap Company and your community mission.
We’ve been creating natural beauty products for 21 years in Canmore, Alberta. Our mission is to only use simple, natural ingredients to create high-quality personal care. Community is at the core of Rocky and we love giving back through initiatives like the Women’s Run, Community bar and all sorts of donations throughout the year.

Why have you chosen to support Fast and Female?
We love the energy behind Fast and Female and their passion for keeping girls in sport. Healthy living is a passion of ours too.

Did you participate in any sports/physical activity as a child?
I grew up with four brothers so sport was always ongoing. The five of us along with a couple of neighbourhood kids could always get a game going. As a family, we still play football or organize slingshot paintball outdoors when we all get together. Sport as purely a fun thing to do is a part of our family dynamic.

What advice would you give to community members who are looking to empower self-identified girls, but may not believe that they have the resources to do so?
There are so many clubs that have access to resources. Getting in touch with club organizers is a start.

What message do you have for young women who have not yet tapped into their own potential?
Moving our bodies and playing sports for fun is life-changing. Let’s bring back sport and physical activity as a form of play, it doesn’t need to be competitive.

Your favourite pump-up song?!
Pump up the Jam – Technotronic

Want to learn more about how you can support Fast and Female? Visit our donation page for more information.