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Alejandra Estrada (she/her)

Toronto Inventory Coordinator

Toronto Inventory Coordinator

Daily tasks include keeping track of inventories input/output as well as packaging and shipping all packages all over Canada!

Your favourite sport/ physical activity

Soccer, running or biking!

Your favourite post-workout snack

Avocado toast or a chocolate protein shake

Your favourite pump-up song

Calm down by Rema

What advice would you give your 12 year old self?

Don’t let others dictate who you want to be. Always be true to yourself and try something new! 

Who is your role model and why?

My dad- he is someone who I always looked up to and had by my side. Whether it was for a track and field meet or the dentist (haha), he was always there cheering me on! He is my number one fan and I will always cherish the sacrifices he makes for me.

How did you first get involved with Fast and Female? Tell your story!

I got involved with Fast and Female over the pandemic when my old room in our house was being used for storage! Over the years, we eventually got our official storage unit and the rest was basically history. With helping out my sister Gaby here and there prior to transitioning to a storage unit, I was then offered a position and it was a great one!