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Gabriela (Gaby) Estrada (she/her)

Executive Director
  • Sport Background 
    • Soccer player and coach
  • Your favourite sport/ physical activity
    • Soccer, strength training and mud runs/obstacle course races
  • Your favourite post workout snack
    • A smoothie – ideally, banana, mango, pineapple and kale or spinach!
  • Your favourite pump-up song
    • Currently – Lovefool by twocolors
  • Who is your role model?
    • Tough one – didn’t really have any growing up. There was a huge lack of visible female role models, especially ones that were relatable to me. Big Sailor Scouts fan of seeing girl power on TV. Now, I have a hand full of powerful women in my life that I look up to both as academics, leaders in the sport and recreation world, and just all-around bad ass women (i.e. Katherine Tamminen, Catherine Sabiston, Tanya Mruck, Shauna Harrison, AOC the GOAT); but really, I have this goal of who I want to be in my life that I keep striving towards… so really, being the role model I wish I had to others in whatever way possible.
  • Biggest inspiration
    • My dad’s a big one. He immigrated to Canada from Guatemala, leaving his life behind and moving to a brand new country with my mom with minimal money and minimal knowledge of Canadian culture and the English language. My dad has riveting stories about his life back in Guatemala and the hardships he endured there and when he first came to Canada, but he worked hard when he got here, went back to school, and now has an incredible research job, is a baseball coach, works a PT job, and (most importantly) takes great care of my epileptic Siberian husky. As much as he stresses me out, he does inspire me 😉
  • Advice for your 12 year old self
    • Life is not easy. It is hard with good moments in it; but it’s the way you react and support yourself, as well as get support, through those tough moments that will make you into the person that you are destined to be. Take the chances, make the risks, have fun, allow yourself to feel, and be amazing. Question things, make mistakes, and always keep learning.
  • How did you first get involved with Fast and Female?
    • Started as a R.E.A.L Role Model in 2016. I had done research on organizations that focused on girls and women in sport and found F&F! Went from being a RRM to an Event Coordinator in 2018 and then joined the core team 😊
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