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Fast and Female proudly presents our 2024 International Women’s Day online campaign: Play Today, Lead Tomorrow! As part of the campaign, we are honored to highlight 20 inspiring women in sports for the month of March. Each week, we will be highlighting 5 inspirational women. Follow us all month long as we showcase the incredible achievements of these women athletes.

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Alanna Bray-Lougheed (She/Her) – Toronto (ON)
Retired Sprint Kayak Tokyo Olympian

Alanna is a recently retired Team Canada athlete in sprint kayak. As a Tokyo Olympian, Alanna believes that having women representation in sport shows girls that they have the confidence, devotion, and mindset within them to achieve great things. Women role models offer guidance and motivation for youth to stay involved in sport, which in turn will give them skills to open doors and lead the world of tomorrow. As role models, women like Alanna provide invaluable guidance and inspiration, instilling in youth the motivation to remain engaged in sports. This engagement not only fosters physical health but also cultivates essential life skills that will empower them to navigate and excel in various facets of life. Ultimately, by promoting women’s participation and leadership in sports, we equip the next generation with the tools and mindset necessary to shape a more inclusive and empowered world.

Rosetta (Rosie) Cyr (She/Her)
University of Saskatchewan’s Women’s volleyball team.

Rosetta, currently in her second year with the University of Saskatchewan’s Women’s Volleyball team, underscores the significance of female role models in sports—a perspective shaped by her own experiences growing up. Reflecting on her journey, she recalls the scarcity of relatable female athletes during her formative years. However, encountering successful athletes and hearing their stories ignited a profound desire within her to pursue her goals, ultimately leading her to join the Saskatchewan Huskies. For Rosetta, the importance of female representation extends beyond personal ambition; it serves as a beacon of hope for all girls, regardless of their circumstances. By showcasing diverse role models in sports, Rosetta believes we send a powerful message: that every girl has the potential to pursue her sporting dreams, irrespective of her background. Moreover, these role models provide invaluable guidance and inspiration, offering a roadmap for those embarking on their own pathways.

Kira Makuk (She/Her) – Alberta
Former competitive hockey player, Coach for Team Yukon at two Arctic Winter Games and the Canada Winter Games. 

Kira’s journey from competitive hockey player to coach with the University of Calgary Dinos Women’s Hockey Team, and her subsequent leadership roles coaching Team Yukon at various Winter Games, underscores her commitment to fostering female inclusion in sports. Her values are deeply rooted in providing opportunities for women in all aspects of leadership. Kira firmly believes that showcasing female athletes in professional leagues and media is essential for inspiring girls and showing them the boundless possibilities within sports. However, she also emphasizes the importance of representation at grassroots levels, where coaches, mentors, and role models play pivotal roles in shaping girls’ experiences in sports. By nurturing connections and fostering a fun and supportive environment, female role models can draw upon their own experiences to enrich the journey for young athletes, ensuring that every girl feels valued and empowered in their sporting pursuits.

Fitriya Mohamed (She/Her)
Recreational hooper. Sports activist and community leader. Aspiring sports industry professional.

Fitriya, a passionate recreational hooper, sports activist, and community leader with aspirations in the professional sports industry, emphasizes the paramount importance of female representation in sports. She firmly believes that seeing women in athletic and leadership roles serves as a crucial source of inspiration for young girls, instilling in them the belief that their dreams are achievable. Fitriya acknowledges the undeniable truth that representation matters—it’s difficult for individuals to envision themselves in certain roles unless they see others who resemble them occupying those positions. Thus, for sports organizations committed to fostering diversity and equity within the sports landscape, it’s imperative to invest in and promote female role models across all levels of leadership. By doing so, they not only empower girls to participate in sports today but also cultivate a pipeline of future leaders who will shape and advance the industry tomorrow.

Melanie. M (She/Her) – Scarborough, Ontario

Melanie, a dedicated recreational runner, staunchly advocates for the impactful role of women’s representation in sports to foster empowerment. She understands that seeing women as role models in athletics is pivotal in inspiring the next generation of young girls and nurturing their potential to become leaders in the future. For Melanie, the presence of women athletes who resemble them serves as a powerful catalyst, igniting a sense of empowerment and possibility within young girls. Witnessing these athletes break barriers and achieve greatness not only fuels their aspirations but also reaffirms their belief in their own capabilities. Melanie passionately asserts that representation matters—it serves as a beacon of hope and affirmation, reminding girls everywhere that their dreams are valid and attainable.


Thank you to all the Role Models for participating in our campaign to serve as motivation for aspiring young female athletes! Learn more about our Play Today, Lead Tomorrow campaign by clicking here

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