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Fast and Female Announces New Role Model Advisory Committee and Chair

Fast and Female has always had Role Models at the center of our programming to empower girls through sports. We are excited to share how we are improving and updating the REAL (Relatable, Empowered, Active Leaders) Role Model program!

80% of girls would stay in sports more if they had role models (Canadian Women and Sport, Rally Report 2022). This is why Fast and Female prioritizes connecting our participants with REAL Role Models nationwide as a key part of our programs! This year we are working on updating and improving our REAL Role Model program, including implementing a Code of Conduct for REAL Role Models and updating the existing database. To further improve the program, we are excited to share that we are developing a REAL Role Model(RRM) Advisory Committee to support our Role Models and make the most of every role model experience!

Fast and Female Appoints Tammy Cunnington as RRM Committee Chair. 

Fast and Female is thrilled to share that REAL Role Model Tammy Cunnington has been selected as the Chair of the RRM Advisory Committee. Tammy has been involved with Fast and Female since October 2018. She has been a role model at many events, including the 2018 Summit, Girls Runs in Canmore, Alberta, and most recently joined us as a panelist at our Girl Guides launch for the Great Cookie Trek!

Tammy enjoys an active life. She loves to train, downhill sit ski, paddleboard, snorkel, handcycle, and be active in any way! As an athlete, Tammy has competed in multiple sports on the national and international stages. She played wheelchair basketball in her youth, making it to the junior and senior national teams. Tammy is a two-time Paralympian in swimming, having competed at the Rio and Tokyo Paralympic Games. She has also swam at the Para Pan Am Games, World Championships, and Pan Pacific Championships. Tammy has first-hand experience of how sport and physical activity can make a difference in someone’s life. As a great role model herself, Tammy will lead the committee in creating incredible experiences for all role models and participants. 

 Sport and fitness has increased the quality of my life in so many ways.  I love having the opportunity to share that with others and encourage them in their own sport and fitness journey.

What’s Next with the Role Model Advisory Committee

The roles and responsibilities of the committee are currently being co-developed with the support of the Fast and Female team and Tammy. Once established, further goals and outcomes will be co-developed with the committee. This will include:

  • Developing and finalizing the Role Model application and approval process
  • Role Model training expectations
  • Role Model personal and professional development
  • And more!

If you have any questions about our Role Model program, are interested in supporting it, or sponsoring it, please email us at